The Full Attachment Series

This collection of sixteen webinar presentations covers years of research that Sarah has done into the neurobiology of attachment. Sarah shares how we might use resonance, somatic empathy and self-warmth to re-pattern and heal ourselves and form secure bonds with others.


In this 16-module Attachment Series, Sarah explores secure and insecure attachment, how our access to expression relates to our attachment styles, and how we can move towards greater well-being in relationships with resonance and self-warmth. Included in these webinars are individual presentations that contain visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video.

Included in this collection:

  • Relationships Become Biological Structure: Curious about about how our relationships form our brain structure? In this webinar, Sarah Peyton explores recent research into the brain, attachment styles for teachers, creating shared reality in groups, along with other fascinating learning that relational neuroscience has to offer.
  • Attachment, Romance and Collaborative Communication: Romance, close friendships, and the family we create all have the capacity to reveal our longings and the hidden structure of our intergenerational neurobiology. Join Sarah as she shares about attachment and how resonance help us move into what’s really important between two people.
  • Laughter and Empathy: Curious about what’s going on in the brain in relation to laughter? This webinar looks at the meaning of laughter and humor, what makes people laugh, and the role that resonance plays in our experience of this physical expression of happiness, delight and even joy.
  • Tears, Crying and Empathy: Curious about the experience of crying and all the nuances of tears and what they serve? Join Sarah in the discovery of the nuances of tears, what makes people cry, and the role that empathy plays as we bring our exploration of emotion into the realm of tears, sorrow and connection.
  • Boundaries and Empathy: The fuzzy landscape between self and other is our territory for this webinar. Join Sarah Peyton for a look at the relational neuroscience of boundaries and how to maintain a solid sense of self while being in close relationship with others.
  • Personal Distress: In this webinar, Sarah Peyton shares about regulating emotion, why it can be so difficult for us, and how self-resonance can support us on the path.
  • Transference, Entanglement and NVC: Our brains are so complex, it’s no wonder we can get so easily entangled, both within our own brains and with others. Join Sarah for a look at transference, entanglement, and how we can heal through naming our experience and repairing when rupture happens.
  • Trauma, Dissociation and Empathy: Curious about the experience of dissociation and how resonance can help? Join Sarah Peyton to explore the ways in which trauma necessarily creates dissociated neural networks, and approaches to take in reclaiming those neural networks and their wisdom for the self.
  • Lightening the Implicit Load: The pain and persistent emotional states that our parents and grandparents carried live on in us as learned patterns of somatic energy. This webinar explores the wounds that we can carry from the generations that came before us and how to begin doing the healing work to move towards greater choice and well-being.
  • Personality: Who Am I? IPNB and Somatic Empathy: Our sense of who we are is an ineffable, specific, expansive and mysterious experience. In this webinar, Sarah shares about how we create this sense of who we are, while also being able to move in and out of relationship with others, and how it changes with resonance.
  • Monitoring the Growth of Secure Attachment: Human brains are capable of change and movement towards secure attachment, regardless of trauma or age. Join Sarah Peyton to learn about the brain, rupture and repair, and forming secure bonds with ourselves and our children.
  • Oxytocin, Belonging and Empathy: As social animals, belonging is one of our most profound needs. In this webinar, Sarah Peyton takes us into the tricky territory of the brain chemistry of bonding and love, including aspects of orgasm, social recognition, and pair bonding, as well as the surprising appearance of anxiety and unpleasant crowd behaviors.
  • Attachment: Styles in Facilitation and Empathy: The predominant cultural message is that facilitators, therapists, teachers, and other supporters are supposed to leave their own humanity at the door and show up with only their left-brain rationality, though there are huge benefits to whole-brained/whole-hearted connection and facilitation. This webinar looks at how attachment shows up in facilitation and how we can hold awareness of our patterns while holding space for others.
  • Healing Disorganized Attachment: When trauma enters the family, the heartbeat of secure attachment is interrupted and disorganization comes into the scene. Join Sarah for an exploration of the journey of healing for any bubbles of traumatic attachment that may be floating around in your system.
  • The Parenting Brain - Facilitating Repair: Attachment research has shown that the most important thing when it comes to parenting is knowing how to make repairs, noticing that they are needed, and taking action to carry them out. In this webinar, Sarah Peyton offers knowledge and processes to support the movement toward repair and connection in the parent-child relationship.
  • Ambivalent Attachment: Do you wonder if you or someone you love may have ambivalent attachment patterns, leading to self-doubt about your worth, capacity, and value? Join Sarah to discover how understanding the brain can help us direct the path of healing, and choose the journey that will most support integration.
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