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Systemic Family Constellations & Money: Interview with Sarah Peyton

Sarah speaks with the Conscious Money podcast about how constellations theory can help untangle money burdens. We cover topics like intergenerational trauma, family loyalties, unconscious contracts, the ‘flow of love,’ familial entanglements and more.

Uncovering & Releasing Unconscious Contracts

Sarah talks with Teri Wellbrock about the origins of unconscious contract process work. This neuroscience-informed healing process allows us to release agreements we’ve made with ourselves that limit our life energy and capacity for self-love.

Unconscious Contracts with Sarah Peyton on the Be Here Now Network

Francesca Maximé and Sarah Peyton discuss the effects of white supremacy on our neurobiology, how unconscious contracts sometimes prevent allyship, and how acknowledging the pain and agreements caused by white supremacy is imperative to healing.

Inner Critic 101: with Bernadette Logue of the Daily Positive

Bernadette Logue and Sarah discuss the science of resonance and how to work with inner criticism by beginning to wonder and listen under the harsh words for the actual intention and needs: a truly transformational way of working with our inner parts!

The Science of Kindness: a video series with Jenny Rossiter

Have you wondered about the science of kindness, and how our emotions are our greatest teacher, and how we might build an emergency toolkit for kindness? In this video series Jenny Rossiter and I explore how kindness changes us, and those around us.

Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning

Sarah speaks with Andrea Samadi about self-regulation and why it’s so important, the Default Mode Network and how it contributes to health and well-being, tips for understanding and reducing anxiety, and Sarah’s advice for educators and parents.

Healing Loneliness and Avoidant Attachment

The hallmark of having been raised by left hemisphere parents and in a left-hemisphere culture is deep, lifelong loneliness, a tendency to push others away and a struggle to find life’s meaning. In this video, Sarah paints a hopeful path for healing.

Bringing Warm Comfort to the Cold Roots of Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are among the most common responses to childhood, intergenerational and cultural trauma. In this video, Sarah explains the roots of anxiety and depression in a way we don’t often hear, with her hallmark warmth and compassion.

Understanding the Trauma Brain and Moving into Self-Warmth

In this interview Sarah speaks with Rising Woman about how the brain changes due to trauma, non-violent communication, and parenting from the right brain.

Sarah Peyton Interviewed on Regina Meredith

Sarah and Regina Meredith speak about collective trauma through the lens of emotional circuitry. They discuss rage as an expression of crossed boundaries, the loneliness epidemic we’re ashamed to talk about, trauma and political beliefs, and more.

Children, Trauma, Empathy, and Neuroscience

Sarah speaks in Denver, CO about the neuroscience of how compassion and empathy transform the brain and shares tips to awaken inspiration and courage, transforming our lives with peace, security, and understanding.

How to Engage Your Brain's Capacity for Healing

This conversation between Sarah Peyton and Serge Prengel explores practical advice on how we can improve the way we relate to ourselves, grounded in an understanding of the underlying brain functions and use of resonant language.


Getting Discomfortable with Sarah Peyton

In this interview Sarah illustrates the incredible neuroplasticity of the human mind. We explore intergenerational trauma, disorganized attachment, Nonviolent Communication, relational language, and how language and empathy can rewire our brains!

How to Create Resilience and Other Superpowers

In this interview, Sarah shares how to transmute self-criticism to self-love; how to create ally-ship with your body, decode the messages your body is sending you and integrate deeper layers of self-understanding and empathy for ourselves and others.

The ROI of Emotional Intelligence Series

This 12-series podcast with Sarah Peyton and Rajkumari Neogy about the ROI of Emotional Intelligence explores how humans can bridge their left- and right-brain tendencies to yield a more coherent world and connected workplace.

The Neuroscience Of Belonging & Exclusion

Sarah explains the neuroscience of belonging and exclusion, how we have arrived at such polarization of political views in the US, and the traumatic logic at play when humans are drawn to gather around a charismatic leader who rails against “others.”

Releasing Unconscious Contracts: Inner Chaos to Self-Calm

Sharon Sayler chats with Sarah about her latest book, “Your Resonant Self Workbook.” Sarah shares tips, techniques, and best practices based on relational neuroscience to create the resources we need to develop inner calm, self-love, and kindness.

Connecting with Your Inner Resonance With Sarah Peyton

Sarah Peyton and Laura Reagan, LCSW-C talk about what relational neuroscience is and what it reveals about our relationships with one another and our world. They also discuss finding a good therapist, polyvagal theory, unconscious contracts and more.

Resisting Emotional Contagions in Times of Chaos

Sarah shares how we can create feelings of safety and stability in times of chaos, use the power of resonant language to support healing and change, and move beyond self-criticism and second-guessing into self-encouragement and self-tenderness.

Sarah Peyton on the Healing Place Podcast

Teri Wellbrock and Sarah Peyton discuss time-travel practice (returning to a younger self for healing), the neurobiology of trauma, the magical healing potential of family constellations and more in this interview on The Healing Place Podcast.

Understanding Alarmed Aloneness (and What to Do About It)

Sarah and Sharon Sayler discuss how physical symptoms, emotions, and past traumas are intertwined in the experience of “alarmed aloneness,” a nervous system state of elevated heart rate and increased cortisol, which is often a hidden root of anxiety.

Understanding the Healing Power of Anger

Sarah discusses how to work with anger as a positive life force for change, including insights about the difference between predatory aggression and anger, why anger is more than an ‘either-or’ choice, and how working with anger can help you heal.

It's Not Truth, It's Trauma

Sarah speaks with The Trauma Therapist Podcast about the way past trauma impacts our present-moment perception, and shares insights from cutting-edge neuroscience researchers like Jaak Panksepp, Stephen Porges and Beatrice Beebe that help us heal.

Introducing the 8 Circuits of Emotion and Motivation

Sarah introduces the 8 mammalian circuits discovered by the Estonian neuroscientist, Jaak Panksepp, and shares how they are each impacted and influenced by trauma, and outlines how clinicians can learn to identify and heal tangled emotional circuitry.

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