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Our sense of who we are is an ineffable, specific, expansive and mysterious experience.  We live inside our brains and our bodies, carrying a knowing that we are distinct from others, and distinct from our environment, yet we can tell from brain scans that we incorporate tools, sporting equipment, vehicles and even other beings (animal and human) as part of the “self”.  We move in and out of relationship with others and even with distinct neural networks within our brains that hold different conceptions and visions of who we are and how we interact in the world.  This month’s teleseminar is an exploration of how we create this sense of who we are and how it changes with empathy.

This recording with powerpoint visuals covers:

1. What is Personality?
2. The “Big Five” qualities of personality
3. How our brains know who we are:  building a sense of self
4. Epigenetics and the neurotransmitters
5. The hemispheres and empathy:  how our stories about self-change
6. Questions and Time for Integration

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