Practitioner of Resonant Healing Certification Program (CEUs Available)

Are you wondering how relational neuroscience can support your professional work? Sarah offers a certification path to support healing professionals in integrating the science and practice of resonance into their offerings. Cohort #3 begins in January, 2024.

Sarah’s year-long certification program in Resonant Healing equips participants with a robust set of skills and practices to facilitate trauma-informed healing conversations.

Upon certification, they can call themselves – dependent on their previous training: Resonant healing coach, Resonant healing facilitator, Resonant healing nurse, Resonant healing dentist, Resonant healing psychotherapist. 

This is a professional certification program that centers the Resonant Healing process work that Sarah Peyton has developed over 10+ years, and is enriched by the participation of past Resonant Healing Practitioners (RHPs) who have gone on to practice this work professionally.

Please note: previous study with resonance is required to enter this training. See here for details.


Participants will learn to guide Resonant Healing sessions, and support effective, deep and sustained healing and brain change for themselves, their clients and their empathy buddies.

This training also includes foundational and advanced resonant healing processes, including Resonant Language, Time Travel empathy, somatic empathy, unconscious contract work, dissolving blame, disclosing what’s under disgust, and more.

The training can serve as a foundation in offering Resonant Healing session work, and will also supplement applicant’s current professions by understanding what kinds of neural growth is possible, how to support that growth, and what timing of healing and neural change they can anticipate for their clients.

Program Benefits

  • Engagement in a year-long immersive training focused on guiding compassionate and effective practices of resonant healing.
  • Personal transformation as a result of understanding the transformative healing power of resonant language, recognizing your own nervous system states, learning how to self-soothe and develop and institute practices for self-care.
  • Building a strong foundation for healthy relationships through understanding how attachment styles influence relationships and what can help to rebuild inner resources and earn secure attachment. 
  • Deepening in your capacities and skillfulness as a space-holder, including knowing the limits of whom you can work with – the signs to refer to mental health specialists.
  • Developing an understanding of how trauma affects the nervous system and behaviors, including the inner critic, and how to calm the nervous system with resonant language for the benefit of the person and their community.
  • Learning to read systems (families, groups), become aware of spontaneous processes, and learn to navigate yourself and your relationships, even when emotions are high 
  • Practical, marketable skills that flow from a working knowledge of the brain and nervous system, the emotional/motivational circuits, including how to use language to support lasting healing and stabilization.
  • Long-term connection with an active professional network of international resonant healing colleagues
  • 96 CEU hours available for psychologists and social workers* for participation in all 4 modules. (See the FAQ for more details.)
  • Opportunities via Sarah Peyton’s Resonant Healing Practitioner Directory for client referrals and other opportunities
  • Questions? Watch the Q+A replay to receive more details on how to apply, or email Sarah’s support team to see if this program is a good fit for you.

What’s Included

  • Nineteen full-day experiential online retreats spanning January 2024 – January 2025 (see full curriculum details below)
  • Personalized resonant support sessions regularly with Sarah’s team
  • Weekly resonant healing peer practice group sessions, including structured feedback and integration
  • 90-min. Monthly Community Calls led by RHP Graduates to connect, share and discuss progress, Q+A, community connection, and practice.
  • Feedback from Sarah on a full Resonant empathy practice session as part of certification
  • Self-assessment and journaling work, integrating feedback from Sarah, cohort peers and RHP graduates
  • Free access to Sarah’s 2-hr monthly neurobiology and resonance webinars. beginning in January 2024
  • A minimum of five process work sessions with Sarah for learning, Q+A and integration in peer practice sessions

RHP Program Curriculum:

Module I & II: Working with Self through Resonant Processes

Dates: Module I: January 5 – 9th 2024; Module II: April 10-14th 2024

Hours:  All workshop days last 7 hours and begin at 7am Pacific Time/10am Eastern Time/3pm British Time/4pm Central European Time/7:30pm (summer) or 8:30pm (winter) Indian Standard Time.  Convert to your time zone here


  • Resonant language with self
  • Time Travel
  • Empathy for the cells
  • Resonance for the inner critic
  • Unconscious contracts
  • Disclosing disgust


  • Know the patterns of own reactivity, work with own window of tolerance
  • Clearing self of story – Identifying, clearing
  • Can receive empathy and resonance as well as offer it
  • Understanding assimilation and internalized oppression
  • Consent seeking


  • The Default Mode network
  • Hemispheres and patterns of attention
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • Circuits of emotion and motivation

A special one-day session on giving and receiving feedback

Date: May 4 

Hours:  All workshop days last 7 hours and begin at 7am Pacific Time/10am Eastern Time/3pm British Time/4pm Central European Time/7:30pm (summer) or 8:30pm (winter) Indian Standard Time.  Convert to your time zone here


  • Apply skills built from modules 1 & 2 and begin to step toward session work
  • Learn to disentangle feedback from self-worth
  • Being able to receive and integrate feedback (clearing unconscious contracts and trauma that get in the way)
  • Curiosity about the impact of actions on others
  • To know one’s own yeses and no’s, and to be able to receive client’s “no’s”

Module III & IV: Working with Others: Differentiation of self from other, including leading processes with clients

Dates: Module III: September 4 – 8th 2024; Module IV: January 10-12th 2025: Assessment module

Hours:  All workshop days last 7 hours and begin at 7am Pacific Time/10am Eastern Time/3pm British Time/4pm Central European Time/7:30pm (summer) or 8:30pm (winter) Indian Standard Time.  Convert to your time zone here

Processes: (Same as Module 1 + 2, but working with others to hold these processes)


  • Differentiation of self from other
  • Window of welcome for client’s emotions
  • Identifying left shift and skills for coming back from left shift
  • Being able to receive and integrate feedback (clearing unconscious contracts and trauma that get in the way)
  • Understanding consent
  • Be aware of cultural and implicit bias
  • Awareness of social location, privilege, and what is the dominant culture
  • Know how to do a repair, be aware of relational breaches and work to do a repair
  • Know about what the field is that you carry and project
  • Being able to include own body in the process
  • Understand the difference between intention and impact
  • Curiosity about the impact of actions on others
  • Capacity to do a relational neuroscience assessment of a client
  • To know one’s own yeses and no’s, and to be able to receive client’s “no’s”
RHP Q+A replay

Want to Learn More?

Watch the replay from our January 30 Informational Call for an in-depth Q+A session about the Practitioner of Resonant Healing Certification Program.

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Hear What RHP Program Graduates Say:

I can absolutely testify from my heart to Sarah’s work, both for myself and for those I offer it to. It has and continues to be a profound journey, both internally and beyond. Sometimes I can feel tears of joy, when people I’m working with share the gifts they’ve given themselves, as a result of our Resonant Healing sessions.

Joe Rappaport

coach ACC, RHP Graduate, Cohort #1

I am an integrated therapist and this work weaves seemslessly into my current practice and I am seeing even more amazing results. More importantly to me is the change within myself. Developing my own Resonant Self Witness has changed my internal communication, which has created more capacity for others and is having such a positive impact on my life and my work. The RHP program has been a very nurturing environment, where all those involved, practice what they teach.

Julie Duguid

Human Givens Practitioner (UK), RHP Participant, Cohort #2

Once Sarah said: As long as we don’t know ourselves fully relaxed, we don’t know our creativity, our joy, the life that’s possible for us. And that has become a new level of this experience, of experiencing myself. I’m endlessly grateful to Sarah for starting this program, or else, this wouldn’t have happened to me.

Gabriela Papuzińska

Internal Family Systems practitioner, RHP Graduate, Cohort #1

I’ve become a totally different person due to the work of Resonant Language, in my work as a coach, trainer, and mediator. I am so happy that I’ve become aware of when my brain shifts to operating from the left hemisphere, and how I can shift back into right brain relationality, so that I can connect tenderly with people where they are at any given moment.

Joanna Berendt

Coach PCC, RHP Graduate, Cohort #1

I am so grateful to be given the words and the understanding of what is happening regarding emotional trauma. I look forward to the continuing healing and implementing it further in my work with others. It is tremendous to watch others be released of their trauma and pain. 

Catherine Dockery

Conscious Aging facilitator, RHP Participant, Cohort #2

It is one of the best decisions of my life. I experienced change in my inner voice and how my body reacts, and it stays with me. Living with me every day has become easier than before.

Małgorzata Gutowska-Sulik

RHP Graduate, Cohort #1


Working in Sarah’s Resonant Healing modality is potent and transformative, building unshakable resilience and secure attachment to self. The investment is between $4,200-$5,700, with some partial scholarship opportunities:

  • For participants in the global north: $5,200 (early-bird rate: register and pay by August 5, 2023); $5,700 after August 5.
  • For applicants in Eastern Europe and the global south, where purchasing power is lower: $4,200 (early-bird rate: register and pay by August 5, 2023); $4,700 after August 5.
  • Applications are open now; more details will follow about partial scholarships for people from marginalized geographic areas and groups.


Requirements + Frequently Asked Questions

Program applicants are asked to have completed at least 100 training hours with Sarah Peyton to enter this training. Ideally, participants should have worked with this resonance material for 3 years.

See below for more details about prerequisites for entry and requirements for full certification.

Prerequisites for Applying

  • Applicants are required to have completed at least 100 training hours in Resonant Language:
    • Up to 25% (25 hours) of the hours can be logged resonance practice hours
    • 50% (50 hours) Live learning with Sarah or someone teaching primarily this material  (practitioners certified by Sarah) live in-person or online – must be engaged learning (camera on, taking part in breakout sessions, etc)
    • 25% (25 hours) can be recorded self-study  (journal entry required)
    • Maximum 33% of hours can be constellation work with Sarah or other RHP practitioners
    • Applicants must also complete at least one foundational Resonant Healing course with Sarah; Introduction to Resonant Language Self-Study, Resonant Language Live (beginning in January 2023 and April 2023), or Juicy Relational Skills (beginning in April 2023) would qualify.
    • (For more questions on prerequisites, watch this video where Sarah explains this in more detail!)
  • Applicants must meet availability for all sixteen scheduled retreats and meeting days, including access to a stable internet connection to engage fully in the trainings which are held online using the Zoom platform.
  • Applicants should be prepared for the full-time commitment: the retreats include sixteen total full-time retreat days over the course of the year-long training, plus monthly (90-min.) community calls, and some additional slots Sarah might offer for process work. Practice between retreats includes weekly practice group meetings of 2-3 hours, personal journaling, and self-studying hours. 20-30 hours a month would do for most attendees, in addition to scheduled retreat times.
  • Applicants are expected, after graduation, to be willing to work with a student or students in the next edition of this course (Cohort #4) on a monthly basis throughout the duration of the next course.
  • Do you have questions about this program and whether it’s a good fit for you? Please email Sarah’s support team to discuss your former experiences in relationship to certification prerequisites.

Requirements for Certification

In order to receive RHP certification, participants will complete the following requirements:

  • Live attendance and engagement during modules I – IV
  • Log at least 50 practice hours of receiving and providing resonant empathy
  • Journal according to provided recommendations at least once per week during the certification course period
  • Practice in groups of four on a weekly basis
  • Make five video recordings of resonant empathy conversations, do transcripts and review the videos for your own learning
  • Between modules II and III, on basis of provided questions, write a self-assessment of your learning achievements and learning edges, and receive feedback for your further development as an RH Practitioner
  • Complete and submit additional assignments as they arise from the curriculum
  • Submit a full session transcript for review, and integrate feedback, including the possibility of submitting additional transcripts
  • Attend or watch process work sessions with Sarah Peyton, offered as part of this training
  • Attend and engage in Sarah’s monthly neurobiology and resonance webinars
  • Participate in monthly Q&A online community meetings
  • Receive 50 minute process work sessions from a previous graduate of the program during the course, focused on time travel and unconscious contract work. Number of sessions to be determined at the beginning of the program


FAQs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the prerequisites to attend?

There are certain prerequisites for attending the program (see the full list here). 

If you have questions about the requirements or how to meet them email our team.

I am not interested in certification; is this training then not for me?

This program is intended for those who are committed to this professional training.  The curriculum depends on active engagement and participation, including at least 25 hours of dedicated practice with peers in the program.

If this is not the level of commitment you are ready for, we recommend that you take other courses with Sarah. To explore other offerings, please visit or email to find support with the next step in your learning journey

How can I track my prerequisite hours to attend?

See the full list of prerequisites here.

You can track your learning hours on this log or make your own if you would like to track another way. Please make a copy of it in the menu before adding your hours. If you have questions about doing this, please email our team.

If you are in ongoing live classes with Sarah and want those hours to count, please check in with Jaya so that we can track your attendance.

If you will also be tracking resonance practice, you can use this log or create your own. Again, please make your own copy.

Any recorded learning will require a journal entry. You will save your entries to submit with your application to the practitioner program.
For journal entries, what we would love to receive is a paragraph or a couple of sentences about the following things:
1) What did you learn?
2) How were you personally moved by anything you heard/learned as you listened/watched?
3) How do you imagine you will apply the learning or insights you had to your work?

Please email the team if you have any questions.

What is the balance between one’s own path to healing and coherence within, and the learning of skills to supporting others?

Self-healing and preparing to support others go hand in hand. The first part of the course focuses on your personal healing, so that you can meet your clients unbiased and with as little interference of your own material and history as possible.

How much time should I allocate to this training outside of workshop hours?

Count on 20-30 hours a month. Practice group sessions, journaling and self-study is free for you to decide when you will do it.

Will Sarah be present during the workshop hours?

Yes! Sarah will be teaching at all of the curriculum, and she is present and available through all workshop hours. Community calls are led by former students or other staff members. Your practice group meetings are self-led.

How big is the group?

We have a maximum of 60 participants. On top of this, a group of assistants from previous RHP cohorts will support participants and the smooth running of the workshop.

I understand we will be working with early traumas as part of the course content. What if I get flooded with emotions?

We care for you! This is why we’ve arranged a group of assistants to support us. All assistants are previous graduates of the program. During workshop hours, you can reach out and go to a private breakout room with a Resonant Healing Practitioner who will support you to come back to regulation and engagement again.

What if I miss a session? Some of the sessions are in the middle of the night for me.

Attendance and engagement are required for certification.

In the event of a major life circumstance or emergency and you have an acute reason to miss the session, you will be able to catch up through recordings of the session and practices with peers later. If ahead of time, you know that you won’t be able to be present at certain times, connect with the organizing team and we will discuss what’s possible.


Are CEUs offered for this training?

Yes, we are pleased to offer a total of 96 CEU hours for psychologists and social workers* for participation in all 4 modules.

48 CEUs for participation in Modules I and II

30 CEUs for Module III

and 18 CEUs for Module IV

Live, active attendance is required for both Certification and CEUs

*CEU hours are offered by Chicago Counseling Associates. Chicago Counseling Associates has been approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to sponsor continuing education for social workers and psychologists. CCA maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Application Process

The RHP Certification is a deep commitment to yourself and to the path of resonance. 

Applicants are asked to have fully reviewed the Requirements for Certification and FAQs and to have completed 25% of the Program Requisites before applying. If you are considering this program but still have questions, please reach out to Sarah’s team so we can connect with you 1:1!

RHP Q+A replay

Want to Learn More?

Watch the replay from our January 30 Informational Call for an in-depth Q+A session about the Practitioner of Resonant Healing Certification Program.

You’ll also be signed up for our newsletter and receive more information about the RHP Program and other learning opportunities from Sarah Peyton.

How to Apply

    • If you meet the criteria for applying, and you have a loose plan on how to complete the pre-requisites by the time the program begins, then we’d love to invite you to APPLY NOW
    • The application is quite detailed and requires a non-refundable application fee ($50); once you submit your application you can submit payment here.

    Our team will consider applications on a rolling basis, but submitting material as soon as possible is helpful. The absolute deadline to apply for Cohort 3 is December 5, 2023.

    For applicants who are accepted into the final phase of the application process, we will connect with you to arrange payment and begin the preparation process for our program start in 2024.

    Sarah’s Story

    Sarah Peyton looking up and right
    In my early study of nonviolent communication and neuroscience, I was amazed and moved by how much sweetness and self-compassion was possible when I learned to connect to my body sensations, feelings and needs.

    This work grew slowly inside of me into a nourishing, sturdy tree of self-warmth, helping me inch my branches toward myself and others with curiosity and kindness. I apprenticed for five years with Susan Skye (a psychologist, long-time NVC trainer, and creator of the groundbreaking New Depths Intensive Program) who pioneered the time-travel empathy process.

    During that time, I became obsessed with understanding WHY and HOW this process worked. How could time-traveling back to a previous painful past experience actually heal us in the present? What is going on in the brain when we access feelings and needs, and bring warmth and understanding to our younger selves? And how do unconscious contracts fit into this picture?

    As healing practitioners who hold space for others, we can only go as far with our clients as we can go with ourselves. This is why my practitioner program begins with a module that is purely focused on Self Resonance, and expanding our window of welcome and tolerance for ourselves (and therefore other’s) emotional experience. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you.

    If you have questions about this program, inquiries about pre-requisites or how to prepare to apply for this program, please connect with Sarah’s support team and they’ll answer any questions you have.

    Healing Codependency is Possible


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