The Attachment and Parenting Series

In this collection of nine webinars, Sarah Peyton explores the ways that our brains and our ability to securely attach to people throughout our lives is shaped by our primary caregivers as children. Learn about the neurobiology of attachment, attachment parenting, as well as how to heal with resonance and self-warmth.


This 9-module Attachment and Parenting Series includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah shares how we can form secure bonds with our children and begin to heal old wounds through resonance, warmth for self and other, and optimizing neuroplasticity.

Included in this collection:

  • Dads and their Effect on Us: We often hear about the effect the mothering figure in our lives have on us, but what is it that we receive, or miss, depending on the presence or absence of our fathers? The webinar looks at the latest research of what our fathers give us, and what we miss when they are absent.
  • Enteric Nervous System: How Going with Your Gut is Right: Our gut feelings are important, and the system in the body that they come from has a massive impact on our digestion and the emotional nourishment we receive from relationships. Join Sarah Peyton in an exploration of the enteric nervous system and the effect of resonance on our bodies and our emotions.
  • IPNB of Fairy Tales: How We Learn About Ourselves: Did you know that we have internalized messages from the stories/fairy tales told in our respective cultures that push us in ways that we aren’t even conscious of? In this webinar, Sarah looks at relational neuroscience concepts through the lens of various European fairy tales, including Goldilocks, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and other less-known characters and tales.
  • Bullying – Understanding and Healing: Bullying can have such devastating, lasting effects on us. Join Sarah as she explores the relational neuroscience of bullying, including what happens in the brain when we are verbally abused as children, and strategies to stop bullying at different times of life.
  • The Purpose of Shame and the Power of Empathy: Shame is a rarely discussed but very commonly felt emotion, and the intensity of the shame experience can be confusing and overwhelming.  Learn about the early roots of shame, its relationship with regulation, how our windows of tolerance interact, and how to use resonance and relational neuroscience to find self-compassion and understanding.
  • IPNB of Repairs and Apologies: Neuroscientist, Daniel Siegel says that the most important piece in the puzzle of secure attachment is the capacity to make repairs.  What, exactly, are repairs and how can they be so healing for our brains? Explore the importance of being noticed and being known, and how to let others know how essential they are to us, without compromising integrity and self-care.
  • Insula: Bringing the Body to Life: How do we awaken and access the insula, the part of the brain that brings the body’s voice to life, and what are its many functions? Join Sarah Peyton to learn more about enlivening our being through an ongoing relationship with our body’s reader board, the insula.
  • The Exuberant Adolescent Brain: The more we know about adolescents’ brains, and our own brains in relationship to theirs, the easier it is to find the space for resonance, connection and self-compassion. This webinar explores what is happening in the adolescent brain, including addiction and attachment, and offers guidance for holding space for teens and our teenage selves.
  • The Parenting Brain – Facilitating Repair: Attachment research has shown that the most important thing when it comes to parenting is knowing how to make repairs, noticing that they are needed, and taking action to carry them out. In this webinar, Sarah offers knowledge and processes to support the movement toward repair and connection in the parent-child relationship.
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