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Neuroscience and NVC for Candidates, Community Teachers and Certified Trainers – May through August 2023

Online via Zoom

Do you ever wonder why NVC works so very well? Do you love learning about the brain and making sense of your life, your emotions and your mind? The world of Relational Neuroscience is highly supportive of a deep, connecting, and effective NVC practice. With body-centered awareness and rich food for thought, these classes will take you more deeply into all the healing and communication potential that NVC has. This program is taught and led by NVC Certified Trainers Sarah Peyton, Peggy Smith, and Lori Delaney (who is also certified in Sarah's Practitioner of Resonant Healing Program), all of whom integrate trauma-sensitivity and relational neuroscience into their NVC teaching and practice.

Deepening Self-Warmth: Trauma-Informed Mindfulness

Online via Zoom

Would you like some acknowledgement for the lacerating thoughts and difficult experiences you've had when you've tried to meditate? You are invited to this space to deepen your practice and learn with Sarah about self-warmth in meditation - with a trauma-informed lens. This special course acknowledges the unhealed trauma that has an impact on how we sit.
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Lightness When Things Are Difficult: NVC and Resonant Dialogue Skills: an 8-Week Series

Online via Zoom

How does resonance show up in your actual, real relationships? Join Sarah in this 8-week exploration of bringing resonance and authenticity into regular conversation, finding balance after difficult moments, and feeling the movement into much more intimacy in your relationships!

Client Day with Master Constellator Elena Veselago

Online via Zoom

Come experience a rare opportunity to see Master Constellator Elena Veselego’s online constellation work with clients with translation from Russian into English (translated by Sarah Peyton). During this event, she will offer 3 constellations throughout the day, alternating her work with seekers with teaching about constellations and space for questions about technique and the foundations of Field Therapy.

$75 – $100

Integrating the Shadow: Chapter 8 – Claiming Secure Attachment Even When We’ve Done Things We Wish We Hadn’t

Online via Zoom

These three classes take us into the contracts we make to maximize well-being in response to our parents’ ways of being with us and being with emotion. As well as reviewing the basics of attachment, we discover a resonant language practice that holds our connection patterns as “just right,” which is a radical move into secure attachment with ourselves. We look at avoidant patterns and contracts, we have the delight of looking at ambivalent patterns and contracts with special guest teacher Jaya Manske, and we enjoy the signs of the movement into secure attachment.

Part of a 12-month journey integrating the shadow and the Your Resonant Self Workbook
CEUs available


Constellations Healing for Those Who Receive Contempt

Online via Zoom

The emotion that we receive that has the most intense impact on our immune systems is contempt. It is a protective emotion for the person feeling it, but it harms the people who receive it. What do we do with it? How do we welcome it and take its venom away to allow for transformation and healing? Join Sarah Peyton for an investigation of the relational neuroscience of contempt and the support of resilience.


Scam-Proofing our Brains

Online via Zoom

In the digital age, scammers and scams have proliferated. What is happening in the brain when faced with a plea for money, the threat of blackmail, a false sale, or other scams? Join Sarah for this 90 minute exploration into relational neuroscience and the gifts resonance have to offer.
CEUs available


Juicy Relational Skills for Emergence Part 2: Engaging and Emerging: How the Circuits Interact

Online via Zoom

What knowledge about the brain gives us leverage to really begin to see each other? What do we need to know about the ways we become entangled by trauma and unconscious contracts, blocking our emergence? Learn to tell the difference between instrumental and relational connections, and begin to walk the path toward more richness, meaning and intimacy.
CEUs available


Working with the Myth of Laziness in Constellations

Online via Zoom

Do you ever become angry and contemptuous with yourself for not being able to take action? Do you ever feel paralyzed, and call yourself “lazy?” Do your clients ever worry that they or their children are “lazy?” Condemning self and others for “laziness” is a primary shadow action, with interesting elements of sadism. Understanding the neurobiology of immobilization is an important element of both personal healing and client support in constellation work, and leads to greater self-compassion and more ability to take action. Join Sarah Peyton to experience the effectiveness of accompaniment for immobilization.

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