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The path to healing our brains is to greet our bodies with resonance. Regardless of age, genetic predisposition or painful life experiences, you can change and heal!
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Hello, I’m Sarah

I’m a neuroscience educator, constellations facilitator, certified Nonviolent Communication trainer and author who invites audiences into a compassionate understanding of the effects of relational trauma on the brain, and teaches about how to use resonance to change and heal.

But it wasn’t always this way… I used to struggle with brutal depression and anxiety. I was in constant battle with a savagely self-critical inner voice that told me I was worthless, stupid, and unlovable. Before I understood the science of how difficult events impact our automatic brain patterning, and how trauma fragments our capacity for self-warmth, I thought I was just plain broken.

But there is nothing wrong with me, nor with you. We make sense. No matter what challenging feelings we have, no matter how flawed our strategies are for trying to get our needs met. I am thrilled to share what I’ve learned about how trauma impacts the brain, and how we can move into a joyful relationship with ourselves and others through resonant healing. Read more about me here.

I dream of a world where all humans have a sense of belonging and mattering, where we treat ourselves, the planet, and the beings around us with gentleness and care. Do you have this longing too? If so, you are in the right place.

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Private Sessions with Sarah

Are you longing for personal healing support? Are you struggling with something painful from your past that won’t leave you alone? A resonant healing session with Sarah can bring movement, spaciousness and permanent transformation of persistent blocks and self-sabotage. 

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We are not meant to heal alone! These workshops are offered buy-1-get-1 so you and a friend can learn and practice resonance together through Sarah’s self-paced video trainings.

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Healing Codependency is Possible


Begin the journey of self-resonance to heal from self-hate (aka: toxic shame)

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Make Your Brain a Kinder Place to Live


When we change the way we speak to ourselves, we change the way our brain works. Download my free gifts to start your resonance journey and change your brain (for good!)

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Join Sarah on December 13th (recording provided) for a free process work demonstration on how to give back shame

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