Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that were not covered in the above FAQ, or if you need further support, please email [email protected] and we will assist you as soon as possible.

How do I register and then log in to the site?

Click on the “Log In” button in the upper right-hand part of the screen or in the dropdown menu.  Your username and password will be the same as you used on Sarah’s previous site.

If you don’t yet have an account, an account will be made for you with your first purchase. Or, if you prefer, click on the “register an account button”. You will be sent an email confirmation. Follow the instructions to set up your account. After you make an account, you will need to log in to register for any courses.

I forgot my username.

If you can’t remember your user name, you can use your email address instead. If you don’t remember the email you used to register, contact [email protected]

I forgot my password.
Forgot your Password? You can reset your password by entering your Email or Username here

If you do not receive an email to reset your password, please check your spam or promotions folders. The email will arrive from [email protected].  Keep in mind, this could take a little while to arrive.

If you need further support, please contact [email protected] to receive a temporary password.

How do I reset my password?
You can change your account details any time by clicking on the “My Account” button in the upper right-hand part of the screen or in the dropdown menu.
Visit Account Details to change your password
Forgot your Password? Visit the question above.
I bought something but I don't see an email on how to access it.

Order confirmation emails come from Sarah Peyton and look something like this:

screenshot of purchase confirmation emails from Sarah Peyton

To be sure you receive emails from Sarah Peyton, please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book.

You can see all your orders on the MY ACCOUNT page. Enter your log-in details and then you’ll see a list of all purchases; hit VIEW to access the link to get into the course.  Please note that previous purchases, prior to the new website, will not show up on your ‘my account’ page, however, they will show up under MY LEARNING.

You can visit MY LEARNING anytime to view your purchased recordings.


How do I view my course or webinar material?

To access your content, visit My Learning. (if you aren’t logged in yet, you’ll be prompted to log in)

Courses can be sorted by category using the button or dropdown menu on your “My Learning” page, or you can view your whole collection at once.  Your entire collection can also be searched using the search function on the “My Learning” page.

Once you find the recording or course you wish to review or listen to, click on the “see more…” button to enter the classroom for that course.

Once inside the classroom, you will see a short description of the course.

Scroll down to view the lessons and select the lesson you wish to visit.  From within the course, you can navigate to the next lesson by clicking the “next lesson” button or by clicking “mark complete” if you would like to track your progress. Once you mark complete, you may return to the videos and lessons for review anytime.

Is there a way for me to listen to the recording from a teleseminar at the same time as viewing the slides?

Some of Sarah’s older teleseminars do not have a video component to them. If you wish to follow along with the audio of the course while listening to the recording, you can open up the slides in a new window by following the instructions below.

From a PC, to do this, you right-click the link and select “open in a new tab.” On a Mac, hold down the command button (apple button) as you click the link to the slides and it will open in the next tab. You can listen in one tab and follow along with the slides in another. Sarah gives a lot of cues to help you track which slide she is on.

How do I ‘Mark Complete’ on a lesson or topic?

If you would like to track your progress in a course, you may click the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the screen once you have completed the lesson. This will advance you to the next lesson if there are several in your course.   Once you mark complete, you may return to the videos and lessons for review anytime.


How long will my purchased content be available?

If you have purchased webinar recordings, pre-recorded series, or the online 8-week Resonant Language program, your course will be made available to you as long as this site is being maintained.  For all other content, please see the question below.

How long will my retreat and online course material be available?

In order to reduce the burden of storing recordings indefinitely,  you have 3 years from the conclusion of your course to download and store any course materials before it is deleted from the portal.

Pre-recorded courses, self-paced courses and webinars will remain available as long as the website is maintained

For information on how to download visual and recording files, please see the following question.

Can I download my purchased webinars and courses?

Yes, most courses and webinars can be downloaded to watch offline.

To access your content, visit My Learning. (if you aren’t logged in yet, you’ll be prompted to log in)

Please see how to download your materials below if you have further questions.

How do I download my course materials?

It is possible to download most course files for offline use, but it depends on your device.

Videos can be downloaded from any browser by clicking on the “Download video” link and then clicking on the blue download button. From here, you can select the quality of video you with to download and press the down arrow to initiate the download.

To download the visuals and audio recordings from a PC, the answer varies depending on your browser.

On Chrome, click on the audio file you wish to download.  If you are downloading more than one file it can be helpful to right-click and open it in a new tab.  Click on the three dots near the audio bar and choose “download.”

PDFs can be saved similarly, by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the screen once you have opened the PDF in a new tab.

From Internet Explorer, simply right-click the file you wish to download and choose “save target as” for audio files and PDFs

To download the PDFs and audio-only recordings from a Mac, Control-click on the link and it will automatically download the file to your downloads folder. For more in-depth details on downloading on a Mac, you can visit this site.

I don’t have a PayPal Account. How can I make a payment?

To pay by debit or credit card:

  • If you have an account, log in
  • Add the product to your cart
  • Once you are ready, proceed to the checkout
  • Fill out your information
  • in the grey box below your information, click on “credit cards”
  • Fill in your card details
  • Place your order.

For customers in the U.S. you can also pay via Venmo by selecting the venmo botton at checkout.

Does Sarah offer partial scholarships?

Yes, Sarah offers partial scholarships for online programs that are viable and not space-limited. Please write our team to inquire.

Does Sarah do pro bono work?

Yes, Sarah does on-going pro bono work at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and offers reduced rates for trainings for non-profit organizations. Please write us to inquire.

I need Sarah's help with a difficult situation/to help myself or someone else who is struggling (addiction, mental health, extreme trauma, etc) and I'd like to talk to Sarah directly about it, how can I get in touch?

Sarah receives many incoming requests for support, advice and recommendations and has limited availability to respond personally, however, her team is available to direct you to helpful resources.

You can schedule a 1:1 session with Sarah here.

Also, you can find tons of videos, articles and more by topic on our Get Started Page, and find a list here of healing practitioners Sarah recommends.

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