Boundaries and Empathy: How to Move Toward Healthy Differentiation and Linkage


The fuzzy landscape between self and other is our territory for this webinar. Join Sarah Peyton for a look at the relational neuroscience of boundaries and how to maintain a solid sense of self while being in close relationship with others.

This is primarily a learning and neuroscience content webinar, including a small number of actionable insights and healing process work. If you are seeking healing and resonance practice opportunities, please see Sarah’s upcoming courses here

The fuzzy landscape between self and other is our territory for this webinar.  What happens when it's difficult to say no, and how can we begin the healing journey toward clarity and self-connection?  What are the roots of developing a full sense of self?  What does integration really mean between self and other, when differentiation and linkage are fully in play in relationship? How can we use our communication skills and our relational neuroscience knowledge to bring us into richer, more satisfying and well-defined relationship with self and other? Join Sarah Peyton for a look at boundaries and maintaining a solid sense of self while in relationship.

This recording covers:

  1. Brief Review of the Brain and Attachment
  2. How our Sense of Self Arises
  3. The Neurophysiology of Self and Other
  4. Boundaries: Knowing Self, Saying No, Staying Connected
  5. 5. Claiming the Territory of the Self: Healing Experiences
  6. Questions and time for integration
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