Sarah Peyton's two books Your Resonant Self and Your Resonant Self Workbook

2 Books. 1 Inseparable Whole

Sarah’s first book, Your Resonant Self, includes the foundational neuroscience concepts and client stories that help the reader pave a resonant practice path to self-compassion. Your Resonant Self Workbook builds onto the first book by adding the neuroscience of unconscious contracts, which supports an even deeper movement into self-warmth.

Many folks love and understand the original book, but find themselves stopped in certain places by their own contracts. The soothing reinforcement of the workbook amplifies the lessons and teachings of Your Resonant Self and gives readers an opportunity to make the material their own.

You can order the 2-book bundle here and download the book’s free meditations here.

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Sarah Peyton's two books Your Resonant Self and Your Resonant Self Workbook

The Antiracist Books Series 

Can a person be both fierce and compassionate at once? Interrupt hateful or habitual forms of discrimination in new ways that foster deeper change? Directly challenge racist speech or actions without seeking to shame the other person? Dr. Roxy Manning and Sarah Peyton believes it’s possible—and now you can learn how.

These books are about refusing to give up on the possibility of transformative human connection within ourselves, with potential allies, and with those whose words and actions create harm. Join our book launch events and learn more 

Building on the work of How to Have Antiracist ConversationsThe Antiracist Heart delivers a unique path to antiracist introspection and activism by applying neuroscience exercises, questionnaires, and journaling prompts. The handbook provides a road map to guide readers on their journey toward fighting racism from within, removing the blocks to principled action, and becoming a changemaker in the world.

Learn more about this antiracism book series and upcoming events at

Resonant Affirmations as Self-care

Affirmations for Turbulent Times presents acknowledgments of what might be true for the reader in the form of “Wonderings.” Those wonderings are then united with affirmations that support brain growth and nourish the neurons of self-attachment to foster lifelong well-being. The affirmations cover a myriad of issues including health, work, family dynamics and global concerns. Readers are guided to tap into their own centers of strength and calm, where they can reclaim their inner peace.

If you’ve read Sarah’s Resonance books, you’ll love Affirmations for Turbulent Times. It offers a refreshing and effective method for self-care that’s easy to access. Read it with your morning cup of coffee, or as a warm and toasty end to your day before sleeping.

Available at your favorite online booksellers and by order from local bookstores, buy Affirmations for Turbulent Times for yourself or for those who love neuroscience or need a lift in these tumultuous times. It’s a gift that nurtures your brain while warming your heart.

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Signed Copies of Sarah’s Books

Sarah will sign and inscribe a copy of any of her books, either for you or to be given as a gift!

Your Resonant Self is the perfect book for anyone struggling with self-compassion, relationships, anxiety or depression. Get a signed, personally inscribed book shipped straight from Sarah’s hands to yours. 

If you’ve tried to obtain a Spanish version of Your Resonant Self in the US, you’ll know that shipping costs are exorbitant! This is the perfect book for Spanish-speaking folks who are interested in learning to turn toward themselves with genuine warmth and curiosity.

Your Resonant Self Workbook amplifies the lessons and teachings of Your Resonant Self and gives readers an opportunity to deepen their resonance practice and move into more freedom and expansiveness in our lives. A great gift for anyone ready to continue their resonance journey!

Affirmations for Turbulent Times is a gentle antidote that helps us dissolve feelings of uncertainty and improve health, well-being and mood through more than 100 affirmations grounded in neuroscience. Think of it as a hug in hardcover! 

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Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing

If you’ve read countless self-help and guided meditation books, only to feel unchanged and perpetually struggling to turn toward yourself with kindness and love, then this book is for you!

Sarah Peyton is a globally sought-after teacher of neuroscience and resonant language. Over a decade of teaching this material, Sarah has received testimonials from workshop participants all over the world about how their PTSD, depression, anxiety and reactive fight/flight/freeze patterns have been transformed into self-compassion and a new capacity for self-care by learning about how the human brain works and how it responds to resonant language.

Sarah wrote her first book, Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing in 2017 (including hand-drawn illustrations by forest chaffee). Your Resonant Self expands the reach of her core message of resonant language, connecting people everywhere with the understanding that we can use warm language to support and accompany ourselves and our brain can grow and heal, increasing our resilience and enjoyment of life.

You can grab the free meditations from the book here (available in English, Spanish and Turkish).

Your Resonant Self Book
Your Resonant Self Workbook

Practices for well-being, based in neuroscience and geared toward kindness

When we experience trauma or need to find a way to protect ourselves from interpersonal hurt, we make unconscious contracts with ourselves, such as: “I will never let myself get treated that way again” or “I will never forgive myself for that.” But these contracts often result in harmful behaviors like self-criticism, lack of trust, and procrastination. Until we recognize and free ourselves from these damaging contracts, we can never truly heal.

Your Resonant Self Workbook: From Self-sabotage to Self-care takes us through the world of relational neuroscience and, using the lens of unconscious contracts, explores how our brains, nervous systems, and bodies react to the brains, nervous systems, and bodies of others. Case studies, resonant-language practice, questionnaires, meditations, and journaling provide readers with healing strategies for uncovering and rewriting these contracts. Following Your Resonant Self, this workbook provides the tools to turn inward with kindness, warmth, and curiosity and create opportunities for self-healing.

You can download the workbook’s free meditations and first chapter here.

Affirmations for Turbulent Times: Resonant Words to Soothe Body and Mind

Are you excited to explore more than 100 themes of affirmations grounded in neuroscience?

We live in complex and unsettled times. The issues before us are unimaginably difficult, and range from the personal to the global. This beautiful little book accompanies readers toward a greater sense of peace and self-compassion, reminding us that even though our world is so turbulent, we can still have quiet places within, filled with love, that make it easier to live and to breathe with ourselves.

Rooted in the neuroscience of affirmations, and covering more than 100 themes (including health, self-care, issues at work, and connection with loved ones and with the planet), this book is a companion for daily life. With the help of questions and wonderings about what may be important for readers, the book gently encourages acceptance of what is. The affirmation for each theme reminds readers of their own strengths and reservoirs of calm, and helps them remember and reclaim their innate gifts and resources.

affirmations for turbulent times
Your Resonant Self Workbook

The Antiracist Heart: A unique path to introspection and antiracist activism through neuroscience exercises, questionnaires, and journaling prompts

Do you wish it was easier to talk about racism? The Antiracist Heart: A Self-Compassion and Activism Handbook, co-written with Roxy Manning, PhD., supports us to dissolve unconscious patterns that keep us frozen in the face of racist speech, microaggressions and more.

Building on Roxy Manning’s book How to Have Antiracist ConversationsThe Antiracist Heart provides a road map to guide readers on their journey toward fighting racism from within, removing the blocks to principled action, and becoming changemakers in the world.

Learn more about this antiracism book series and upcoming events at

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When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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