Overcoming Anxiety Series

In this collection of eight webinar presentations, Sarah shares the current research into the neurobiology of anxiety. Join Sarah on the journey of discovering how we might use resonance, somatic empathy and self-warmth to re-pattern and heal our whole selves.


This 8-module Overcoming Anxiety Series includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah explores how we can be allies to our anxious selves, offering them resonance, self-warmth and healing.

Included in this collection:

  • IPNB of Anxiety and Fear: Curious about what is happening in our brains when we experience anxiety and fear? Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of the relational neuroscience of these feelings, including the circuits of emotion and differentiating our emotions, and to receive some resonance along the learning path.
  • Anxiety and the Resonating Self-Witness: In this webinar, Sarah discusses how we can cultivate the capacity to be our own resonant witnesses when we are anxious, supporting us in receiving the acknowledgment and presence we need to have greater ease and wellness in life.
  • Anterior Cingulate: We are always scanning the world to see whether our predictions match the real-world outcomes that we experience. What part of our brain holds this capacity for us, and what role does it play in our anxieties, our agency, and our ability to be at peace with ourselves?  Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of the anterior cingulate cortex, and for a deepening sense of the gifts of resonance.
  • Insomnia: Sleep and Empathy: Restful, easy sleep is consistently elusive for about 10% of us, and yet, it is challenging to live fully without it. Join Sarah in this webinar to understand the brain and how resonance can support us in having self-compassion as we work with ourselves or others to create more access to deep rest.
  • The Mystery of Cortisol: Stress, Trauma and Healing: Curious about cortisol, the purpose it serves, and how to heal wounds that lead to immense stress? This webinar explores cortisol research of the last several years and builds a comprehensive and streamlined understanding of stress and recovery.
  • Nucleus Accumbens: Neuroscience research into addiction often yields a constricted and limited view of predestination and inevitability. In this webinar, Sarah Peyton invites people into an expanded understanding of the brain, looking at the brain’s addiction and reward center, the Nucleus Accumbens, and an exploration of the role of resonance in supporting freedom and flow.
  • The Purpose of Shame and Power of Empathy: Shame is a rarely discussed but very commonly felt emotion, and the intensity of the shame experience can be confusing and overwhelming.  Join Sarah for an exploration of the early roots of shame, its relationship with regulation, how our windows of tolerance interact, and how to use resonance and relational neuroscience to find self-compassion and understanding, even in times of shame.
  • Insula: Bringing the Body to Life: How do we awaken and access the insula, the part of the brain that brings the body’s voice to life, and what are its many functions? In this webinar, Sarah shares about enlivening our being through an ongoing relationship with our body’s reader board, the insula.
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