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What did you learn from Cinderella?  What do you believe about men and women, mothers and children, jealousy, and support?  We have internalized messages from these familiar stories that push us in ways that we aren’t even conscious of. In this teleseminar, we will be looking at making the effects of this tradition on us more conscious, as well as investigating the way that the European fairy tales carry a knowing about being human in this culture that is being rediscovered in Interpersonal Neurobiology.  We look at IPNB concepts through the lens of Goldilocks, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and other less-known characters and tales.

Note: This webinar was done in 2014 and some of the understanding of neuroscience has evolved since this time.  Please bear this in mind as you listen.

A note from Sarah: I did this webinar in 2014 and was reporting Allan Schore’s sense of left and right amygdala – since that time I’ve found research which shows that each amygdala handles different emotions – the left handles approach-related anger and happiness, and the right handles fear and grief and withdrawal-related anger. I imagine Schore’s ideas are also valid and important and based on research – (which I have not found, so can’t integrate fully.) 
Also, the Vagus Nerve research in this webinar is slightly out of date. In this, I say that the vagus nerve has 3 gears, which is sort of true – but I don’t say that now.  Current research shows that there are only 2 gears since the HPA axis ( the body’s stress response) co-opts the ventral channel of the vagus nerve rather than being part of the nerve itself. 

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