The Attachment and Romance Series

This collection of nine webinars explores recent research into the neurobiology of attachment in intimate relationship. Sarah shares about the impacts of trauma while offering tools for healing with resonance and self-warmth so that we may experience more wellness in our relationships.


In this 9-module Attachment and Romance Series, Sarah shares how we can form secure bonds with our romantic partners and begin to heal old wounds through resonance, warmth for self and other, and optimizing neuroplasticity. This series contains individual presentations, including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video.

Included in this collection:

  • Relationships Become Biological Structure: Curious about about how our relationships form our brain structure? In this webinar, Sarah Peyton explores recent research into the brain, attachment styles for teachers, creating shared reality in groups, along with other fascinating learning that relational neuroscience has to offer.
  • Attachment, Romance and Collaborative Communication: Romance, close friendships, and the family we create all have the capacity to reveal our longings and the hidden structure of our intergenerational neurobiology. Join Sarah as she shares about attachment and how resonance help us move into what's really important between two people.
  • Supporting Intimacy: What Couples Long For: This webinar looks at the research into what intentions couples, and other types of close relationships, can hold and what directions they can move in to deepen intimacy and create space for one another. Join Sarah in looking at movement and growth in our closest relationships.
  • Boundaries and Empathy: The fuzzy landscape between self and other is our territory for this webinar. Explore the relational neuroscience of boundaries and how to maintain a solid sense of self while being in close relationship with others.
  • Personal Distress: In this webinar, Sarah Peyton shares about regulating emotion, why it can be so difficult for us, and how self-resonance can support us on the path.
  • Bringing Empathy to Sexuality: What happens to our self-connection in intimacy when we slow down and add self-understanding, resonance and a connection to the body? Join Sarah as she engages with the puzzles of sexuality and integration.
  • Heartbreak for Self: Join Sarah Peyton in this webinar for an exploration of heartbreak, understanding our reactivity, and how to heal with resonance.
  • IPNB of Repairs and Apologies: Neuroscientist, Daniel Siegel says that the most important piece in the puzzle of secure attachment is the capacity to make repairs.  What, exactly, are repairs and how can they be so healing for our brains? This webinar looks at the importance of being noticed and being known, and how to let others know how essential they are to us, without compromising integrity and self-care.
  • Jealousy and Envy: Healing our Need to Matter: Jealousy and envy can poison the well of love and friendship.  What does research tell us about the roots of these emotions? In this webinar, Sarah explores the brain in relation to jealousy and envy and offers some resonance around these experiences.
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