Webinar Bundle: The 2021 Monthly Neuroscience Webinar Series

This is an all in one bundle that includes access to all of Sarah’s monthly Neuroscience and Resonance webinars for 2021


This is an all in one bundle that includes access to all of Sarah’s monthly Neuroscience and Resonance webinars for 2021.

By purchasing this package, you gain access to all of the recorded neuroscience and resonance webinar sessions from 2021. Recordings include the video, a downloadable audio-only file, transcript, copies of the slides, including a set with research notes to dive deeper into the research and findings on each topic.

The 2021 series includes the following topics:

  • The Neuroscience of White Fragility: One of the organizing systems in the Global North is a prioritization of white bodied people. Join Sarah to explore the neuroscience research around privilege, defensiveness, and what often occurs when we combine access to dominance (privilege) with the nervous system.
  • Gaslighting: Understanding and Healing from Abuse: Have you heard the term ‘gaslighting’ — when someone creates an alternate reality within which we feel crazy, and causes us to doubt our own sanity? Learn about what’s happening in the brains of both parties of gaslighting, and what steps we might take for recovery.
  • Conspiracy Theories and Political Extremism: The world is becoming increasingly uncertain. How can we understand all manner of brain behavior with patience and compassion in a world that is rife with violence, despair, oppression and uncertainty? With resonance. Join Sarah to explore the neuroscience behind conspiracy theories and political extremism.
  • Alarmed Aloneness: Healing Anxiety and Loneliness with Resonance: How do we explain the astounding epidemic of loneliness and anxiety in the western world? Learning what is happening in our bodies and our brains as we deal with loneliness and activation of the GRIEF/PANIC circuit helps us take care of ourselves with warmth and compassion. This webinar explores one of the greatest ills of our time.
  • Inflammation: What Can Resonance Bring?: We know a lot about managing inflammation with drugs and diets and exercise, but what do we need to know about the relationship between resonant support and inflammation? Join Sarah for practical tools to bring presence to our own bodies in support of a balanced and healing relationship to stress and other inflammation culprits.
  • Spiritual Bypassing and Toxic Positivity: When spiritual practice is used to sidestep real-world challenges and unrest, whether internal or external, and when we advocate the use of positive thinking to mask injustice and genuine challenges, we are entering the territory of spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity. With this webinar, you'll learn the brain benefits and the drawbacks of positivity and connection with the divine, including the role of paradox and holding non-dual complexity.
  • Lessening Stress: Bringing Resonance to Cortisol and Adrenaline: Much of our modern predicament is that our nervous systems are running with the gas perpetually on on full-throttle. How does resonance enable us to find and operate our off switch, and to be able to have a healthy stress response so that we can survive this life with as much ease and fluidity as possible?
  • The Neuroscience of Overwhelm: Have you ever wondered exactly what is happening when we feel overwhelmed? A sense that our cup is too full and we can’t metabolize more input or even digest what we’re currently holding? Join Sarah to learn how resonance can support us when the world is moving too fast and events are accumulating more quickly than we can process.
  • Healing the Long Shadow of Shame: In this webinar, Sarah explores the role of trauma in why and how we turn disgust toward the self, and the resulting toxic shame that keeps us stuck and miserable. You’ll walk away with practical tools for using unconscious contract work to get untangled and move toward self-compassion.
  • Corporal Punishment: Healing from Physical Abuse: If you’ve ever wondered about the fine line between corporal punishment and physical abuse, and what cultural conditioning and intergenerational trauma have to do with what we find acceptable, or not, for supporting children to learn and grow, this webinar is for you.
  • Heart Rate Variability: HRV is one of the most direct ways we can understand and measure our moment to moment psychological, emotional, cognitive, and social health. Join Sarah to explore how can we leverage this new biometric indicator for our healing.
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