The Health Series

This collection of nine webinar presentations spans the past 6+ years of Sarah’s research into the neurobiology of well-being. Sarah shares how we might use resonance, somatic empathy and self-warmth to re-pattern and heal ourselves, mind body and spirit.


This 9-module Health Series includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah explores many aspects of how our health can be improved through resonance, self-warmth and the healing power of neuroplasticity.

Included in this collection:

  • Empathy for our Cells – Somatic Empathy in Action: This webinar is entirely devoted to resonance for participants’ bodies, systems, organs, muscles, bones or cells. This webinar leads us through a full experience of the healing power of somatic resonance.
  • Enteric Nervous System: How Going with Your Gut is Right: Our gut feelings are important, and the system in the body that they come from has a massive impact on our digestion and the emotional nourishment we receive from relationships. This webinar explores the enteric nervous system and the effect of resonance on our bodies and our emotions.
  • Bringing the Body to Life: Opening the Door to Your Insula: How do we awaken and access the insula, the part of the brain that brings the body’s voice to life, and what are its many functions? This webinar walks us through how to enliven our being through an ongoing relationship with our body’s "reader board", the insula.
  • The Mystery of Cortisol: Stress, Trauma and Healing: Curious about cortisol, the purpose it serves, and how to heal wounds that lead to immense stress? This webinar explores the cortisol research of the last few years and helps us build a comprehensive and streamlined understanding of stress and recovery.
  • Epigenetics: You are not your DNA: Did you know that we are being consistently changed by what we take in in life, from our relationships to the food we eat, and that these things even change the expression of our genes, which is then passed on to future generations? This webinar helps us engage with the topic of epigenetics with warm curiosity.
  • Happiness and its Stabilization: The unconscious beliefs we hold that limit our access to happiness and joy are the walls that take us into the dead end of disconnection from self and others. In this webinar, Sarah invites us to into the work of becoming our own resonating self-witness, reclaiming happiness in the process.
  • Gratitude: How Empathy Creates Movement: What is the interrelationship between attachment style and easy expressions of thankfulness? In this webinar, we explore the latest research into gratitude as we continue our journey toward resonant self-warmth and earned secure attachment.
  • Dogs, Humans, our Brains and Empathy: Dogs and humans are so closely interlinked that human attachment patterns show up in owners’ relationships with their dogs and dogs’ reactions to humans reveal information about human brains in relationship. This webinar explores these discoveries and celebrates the wonder of interspecies love and aliveness.
  • Music, the Brain and Empathy: How can music shift our experience and what can we learn about relationship from our musical brains? Join Sarah Peyton to discover how resonance and music dance together in our human experience.
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