The Understanding and Healing Addiction Program

In this collection of twelve webinars, you will learn about what is happening in our brains with addiction and compulsive behaviors. Join Sarah for a look at research into addiction and how we can bring in resonance and some creative tools to help us heal.


This 12-webinar Healing Addiction program includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah explores some of the ways we can move towards freedom from addiction through resonance, self-warmth and our amazing, neuroplastic brains.

Included in this collection:

  • Addiction and Reward: The Nucleus Accumbens and Empathy: Neuroscience research into addiction often yields a constricted and limited view of predestination and inevitability. This webinar invites people into an expanded understanding of the brain, looking at the brain’s addiction and reward center, the Nucleus Accumbens, and an exploration of the role of resonance in supporting freedom and flow.
  • Alcohol and its First and Second Generation Effects: What are the long-term consequences to us as drinkers, and what kinds of effects might we see in ourselves as children of drinkers?  In this webinar, Sarah Peyton guides us through understanding the in-the-moment support alcohol offers to having a sense of the progression of alcoholism, and in looking at transgenerational trauma and its transmission.
  • Bringing Empathy and Change to Entrenched Addictive Patterns: This webinar explores current research into the relational neuroscience of addiction, looking at what happens in early childhood that contributes to addiction as a strategy for peace and survival. Learn about the relationship between brain states and the relative desirability of different substances and other addictive strategies, and shares how we can invite resonance to support.
  • Bringing the Body to Life - Opening the Door to your Insula: How do we awaken and access the insula, the part of the brain that brings the body’s voice to life, and what are its many functions? Join Sarah to learn more about enlivening our being through an ongoing relationship with our body’s reader board, the insula.
  • Food, the Brain and Empathy: This webinar explores the way the brain dances with compulsive eating and with the experience of food, while asking ourselves, what happens when we slow the moments of less than full choice down and add resonance and a connection to the body? Take a look at specifics that contribute to a relationship with food that may have less choice than we enjoy, as well as our general patterns of eating.
  • Epigenetics - You are not Your DNA: Did you know that we are being consistently changed by what we take in in life, from our relationships to the food we eat, and that these things even change the expression of our genes, which is then passed on to future generations? Join Sarah Peyton to engage with the topic of epigenetics with warm curiosity.
  • Lightening the Implicit Load: Healing the Pain of Past Generations: The pain and persistent emotional states that our parents and grandparents carried live on in us as learned patterns of somatic energy. This webinar explores the wounds that we can carry from the generations that came before us and how to begin doing the healing work to move towards greater choice and well-being.
  • Meet Your Hippocampus, Facilitator of Healing: The hippocampus is the part of the brain that, when we receive resonance, facilitates the transfer of implicit memory to explicit memory. How can we fully appreciate this organ of the brain, and what are the gifts that will come from exploring its capacities more completely?  Join Sarah Peyton for a look at the research on the hippocampus and ways a deeper understanding of it can contribute to our well-being.
  • Manipulation, Irritation and Delight: Empathy for Mysteries of the Left Hemisphere: We are all capable of taking action from our heart, and of taking action from our mind. How can we move to take action from the heart while also having love and appreciation for our mind in times of irritability and manipulation? In this webinar, Sarah explores signs and symptoms of the left hemisphere life, and shares solid strategies about how to hold ourselves with gentleness and warmth, reclaiming the heart in all that we do.
  • Nuances of the On-Line Life: Technology Addiction, Video Games, Pornography and Empathy: Whether we love it or hate it, technology is woven into on our everyday lives.  This webinar covers topics of internet, video game, and pornography addiction, as well as healing these addictions and accessing more freedom and choice in relation to technology.
  • Sacred Vow Work - Disentangling our Nervous Systems: How can we free ourselves from self-sabotaging restraints and patterns, including those that were adopted before we were even old enough to speak? Join Sarah as she steps into the territory of healing and differentiating entangled nervous systems with Sacred Vow Work, including healing deeply integrated, pre-verbal habits that no longer serve us.
  • Conflicting Sacred Vows: In this webinar, Sarah Peyton guides us in an exploration of our stuck places and interlocking sacred vows, along with ways to think about and release them.
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