Webinar Bundle: The 2015 Monthly Neuroscience Webinar Series

This webinar collection explores the latest neuroscience research on a variety of topics shared by Sarah each month of 2015.


This is an all-in-one bundle that includes access to all of Sarah’s monthly Neuroscience and Resonance webinars for 2015.

Included in this bundle:

  • Bringing Empathy and Change to Entrenched Addictive Patterns: This webinar explores current research into the relational neuroscience of addiction, looking at what happens in early childhood that contributes to addiction as a strategy for peace and survival. Join Sarah as she examines the relationship between brain states and the relative desirability of different substances and other addictive strategies, and shares how we can invite resonance to support.
  • Manipulation, Irritation and Delight: Empathy for Mysteries of the Left Hemisphere: We are all capable of taking action from our heart, and of taking action from our mind. How can we move to take action from the heart while also having love and appreciation for our mind in times of irritability and manipulation? This webinar explores signs and symptoms of the left hemisphere life, and for solid strategies about how to hold ourselves with gentleness and warmth, reclaiming the heart in all that we do.
  • Rebellion and Empathy - Teens and our Teenage Selves: Join Sarah Peyton to discover the whys and wherefores of the teen brain, while putting this learning into the context of your own history and any current experiences with teens.  Enjoy a glimpse into the kind of relationship vulnerability, appreciation and resonance can bring to our connections with our inner and outer teens.
  • Attachment Styles in Facilitation and Empathy: While the predominant cultural message is that facilitators, therapists, teachers, and other supporters are supposed to leave their own humanity at the door and show up with only their left-brain rationality, there are huge benefits to whole-brained/whole-hearted connection and facilitation. In this webinar, Sarah explores how attachment shows up in facilitation and how we can hold awareness of our patterns while holding space for others.
  • Addiction and Reward: The Nucleus Accumbens and Empathy: Neuroscience research into addiction often yields a constricted and limited view of predestination and inevitability. In this webinar, Sarah Peyton invites people into an expanded understanding of the brain, looking at the brain’s addiction and reward center, the Nucleus Accumbens, and an exploration of the role of resonance in supporting freedom and flow.
  • Attachment in Everyday Conversations: Transforming the Small Opportunities for Connection: While resonance and communication skills are useful in times of conflict, we can also be present to the smaller moments that show us who one another really are. Join Sarah for an exploration of what is revealed about each of us in the tiny moments of life and conversation.
  • Hormones of Gender: Did you know that, contrary to public opinion, there is little to no structural difference between women’s brains and men’s brains, and that much of what is reflected that we think of as gender difference is actually cultural? In this webinar, Sarah invites us into into deeper conversations with our bodies, while addressing sexuality, the modern movements to de-objectify and expand our gender definitions, and the glories of menopause.
  • Healing Avoidant Attachment: Awakening the Body with Neuroscience and Empathy: Humans are now living with the interesting dilemma of how to awaken a connection with the body in a world that most often asks us to put our physical experience to sleep. This webinar looks at the left hemisphere, which does not have its own relationship with our emotional body, the health impacts of being disconnected from our bodies, and the research that supports our journey home.
  • Supporting Intimacy: What Couples Long For: In this webinar, we explore research into what intentions couples, and other types of close relationships, can hold and what directions they can move in to deepen intimacy and create space for one another. Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of movement and growth in our closest relationships.
  • Anger and Reactivity:  the Power of Empathy: The aftermath of anger explosions, temper tantrums, or even tiny escapes of irritation or rage can leave us feeling bewildered and disoriented. In this webinar, Sarah explores our patterns of reactivity (both into and away from anger) with warm curiosity and exploring how the power of resonance can transform our brains.
  • Psychopaths, Criminals, and Ordinary Joes: What the Brain Can Tell Us: Curious about why humans commit crimes/harm each other, as well as brain studies into sociopaths, criminal behavior, and what supports the move toward prosocial living? Join Sarah in looking at recent research integrated with inspiring stories drawn from ten years of volunteering at a medium security prison.
  • Sacred Vow Work: How can we free ourselves from self-sabotaging restraints and patterns, including those that were adopted before we were even old enough to speak? Join Sarah Peyton as she steps into the territory of healing and differentiating entangled nervous systems with Sacred Vow Work, including healing deeply integrated, pre-verbal habits that no longer serve us.
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