The Grief Series

This collection of five webinar presentations spans the past 6+ years of Sarah’s research into the neurobiology of grief. Sarah shares about the importance of mourning and how we might use resonance, somatic empathy and self-warmth to acknowledge and access our grief.


This 5-module Grief Series includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah explores the impacts of trauma on our ability to grieve and be with change and how we can begin to increase our resiliency with resonance, self-warmth and the healing power of neuroplasticity.

Included in this collection:

  • Bringing Empathy to Grief: An experience of loss can leave us completely overwhelmed, vulnerable, and in need of support and self-compassion. This webinar looks at grief, including what is happening in the brain in grief and how resonance can support us in the grieving process.
  • Tears, Crying and Empathy: Curious about the experience of crying and all the nuances of tears and what they serve? Join Sarah in the discovery of the nuances of tears, what makes people cry, and the role that empathy plays as we bring our exploration of emotion into the realm of tears, sorrow and connection.
  • Heartbreak: In this webinar, Sarah dives into an exploration of heartbreak, understanding our reactivity, and how to heal with resonance.
  • Despair for the World: This webinar explores how immensely we need resonance to hold us in our hopelessness, shame, rage and frozenness in the face of events far beyond our control, such as climate change, species extinction, famine, neglect and trauma. Join Sarah Peyton in asking, how do we find our way to the fierce joy and movement to action that lie within our paralysis?
  • Monitoring the Growth of Secure Attachment: Human brains are capable of change and movement towards secure attachment, regardless of trauma or age. In this webinar, Sarah shares about the brain, rupture and repair, and forming secure bonds with ourselves and our children.
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