Constellations and Neuroscience: The Circuits of Emotion and Motivation Pre-recorded Series


This 8-part series includes a webinar focused on the role of each Circuit of Emotion and Motivation (as developed by neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp) and the way that each shows up in constellations. There is one webinar devoted to each of the following circuits, the 7 listed by Panksepp: SEEKING, CARE, FEAR, RAGE, PANIC/GRIEF, PLAY, SEXUALITY, with the addition of DISGUST. Each webinar includes a brief introduction to the relational neuroscience of the circuit and the way that it can show up and be used in constellations, a small breakout group for exploration, and then a large group constellation when time.

This is an all-in-one bundle that includes the recordings of all of Sarah’s monthly Constellations and Neuroscience explorations that took place from November 2021 – June – 2022.

This is an all-in-one bundle that includes access to all of Sarah’s monthly Constellations and Neuroscience exploring the Circuits of Emotion and Motivation.  These webinars were recorded between November 2021 – June 2022.

By purchasing this package, you receive the full set of 8 pre-recorded webinars at a discounted rate.

The series includes the following topics:

  • SEEKING: Clearing Blocks to Life Energy in Constellations: The SEEKING circuit is foundational for the smooth functioning of all the other circuits. When it is flowing, we are free from depression and able to pursue our goals. Having a sense of this circuit and its benefits allows us to identify when a client has blocks to movement, and helps us to find ways to use constellations to clear the client’s flow of life energy. Join Sarah Peyton to explore SEEKING in constellations.
  • Awakening CARE in Constellations: The CARE circuit allows warmth to be a part of our lives and relationships. Whenever we work to restore the flow of love, or with the mother’s line, we are awakening the CARE circuit in our clients. It is some of the most beautiful work that constellators do, and it is made even more powerful when we know the relational neuroscience of what we are doing.  Join Sarah Peyton to explore CARE in constellations.
  • Unfreezing the FEAR Circuit in Constellations: Some of the most profound movements in constellation work come from the disentangling of the FEAR circuit from the traumas that clients have lived through. If we don’t know that FEAR exists as its own circuit within our clients’ brains, our work is less powerful. Join Sarah Peyton to explore FEAR in constellations.
  • Differentiating RAGE and Predatory Aggression in Constellations: There are two main forms of cruelty that show up in relationships and families: RAGE, which is its own circuit, and predatory aggression (the colder experience of contempt and bullying), which is part of the SEEKING circuit. How can we tell them apart in constellation work, and what benefits are there in disentangling them? Join Sarah Peyton to explore RAGE in constellations.
  • Welcoming PANIC/GRIEF in Constellations: One of the primary issues that clients bring to constellations is loneliness. Often people have been lonely for years, in part because of circumstances, but in part because they create contracts of isolation that are supposed to prevent heartbreak and devastation. If it is the contracts rather than the circumstances that are preventing connection, then facilitators can bring an understanding that there is a circuit committed to feeling the loss and the aloneness and that clients will continue to cycle until full acknowledgment of the past has been made. Join Sarah Peyton to explore PANIC/GRIEF in constellations.
  • Constellating PLAY: Supporting Joy in Constellations: The most important circuit for our clients’ health and well-being is the PLAY circuit. It is also the circuit most vulnerable to the impacts of trauma. When we heal trauma with our constellation work, we are gently moving our clients’ PLAY circuits towards awakening. With this knowledge, we can capitalize on healing movements to blow on the embers of joy. Join Sarah Peyton to explore PLAY in constellations.
  • The Importance of Honoring DISGUST in Constellations: Before his death, Jaak Panksepp received multiple requests to include DISGUST in his list of circuits. He refused. But the importance of DISGUST for self-knowledge, boundaries and for the integration of healthy SEXUALITY cannot be denied. And when DISGUST has been turned inside out, whole populations are vulnerable to the machinations of tyrants that lead to exclusion, systemic racism and to genocide. The reclamation of healthy DISGUST is the reclamation of personal and systemic balance. Join Sarah Peyton to explore DISGUST in constellations.
  • Celebrating SEXUALITY and Emergence in Constellations: While the SEXUALITY circuit is important for physical and relational intimacy, it is also the circuit that moves us out of childhood into our adult lives. It is the circuit of emergence of self, and so it is the circuit that we are most often unknowingly supporting, no matter what our constellations are ostensibly about. With more knowledge, constellation facilitators can track and support the movement of this circuit for their clients. Join Sarah Peyton to explore SEXUALITY in constellations.
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