Healing from Depression Series

This collection of nine webinar presentations explores the extensive research Sarah has done into trauma and the neurobiology of depression. Sarah shares how we might use resonance, somatic empathy and self-warmth to access more aliveness and heal our whole selves.

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This 9-module Depression Series includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah dives into many aspects of how our energy and wellbeing can be improved through resonance, self-warmth and the healing power of neuroplasticity.

Included in this collection:

  • Depression: Understanding and Supporting Change: In this webinar we explore the neuroscience of depression and how to bring resonance in to support healing and growth. Join Sarah Peyton as she integrates the latest research with approaches to using somatic resonance to make our lives easier when we are working with depression.
  • Despair for the World: This webinar explores how immensely we need resonance to hold us in our hopelessness, shame, rage and frozenness in the face of events far beyond our control, such as climate change, species extinction, famine, neglect and trauma. Join Sarah in asking, how do we find our way to the fierce joy and movement to action that lie within our paralysis?
  • Happiness and its Stabilization: The unconscious beliefs we hold that limit our access to happiness and joy are the walls that take us into the dead end of disconnection from self and others. In this webinar, Sarah invites us to into the work of becoming our own resonating self-witness, reclaiming happiness in the process.
  • Oxytocin, Belonging and Empathy: As social animals, belonging is one of our most profound needs.  This webinar takes us into the tricky territory of the brain chemistry of bonding and love, including aspects of orgasm, social recognition, and pair bonding, as well as the surprising appearance of anxiety and unpleasant crowd behaviors.
  • Healing from Sexual Abuse and Trauma: Research into the brain has revealed that sexual abuse and trauma leave a distinct footprint in our neural structure, and has simultaneously brought us tremendous hope through an understanding of how our brains heal with resonance. In this webinar, Sarah looks at what we know about what sexual abuse does to the brain and shares approaches to healing our sacred selves and our sexuality.
  • Working with Depression: Depression is such a common experience for many of us, but we often avoid talking about it. Join Sarah Peyton in an exploration of the neuroscience of depression and how to bring resonance in to support healing and growth.
  • Hippocampus, Facilitator of Healing: The hippocampus is the part of the brain that, when we receive resonance, facilitates the transfer of implicit memory to explicit memory. How can we fully appreciate this organ of the brain, and what are the gifts that will come from exploring its capacities more completely?  This webinar goes into the research on the hippocampus and ways a deeper understanding of it can contribute to our well-being.
  • Healing Loneliness: Moving out of Avoidant Attachment: Ever wonder about the experience of lifelong loneliness, the tendency to push others away and the struggle to find life’s meaning that is prevalent for so many of us? Take a listen as Sarah Peyton shares the latest discoveries concerning avoidant attachment and what they reveal about possible paths we can take toward healing. 
  • The Seeking Circuit and Depression: Why Depression Zaps our Life Energy: What is happening in our brain when depression hits, how is it related to the brain’s seeking circuit, and how can resonant language help? Join Sarah Peyton to put depression into the context of Jaak Panksepp’s research into the circuits to discover tools and processes that support a return to well-being.
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