Webinar Bundle: All 2016 Monthly Neuroscience Webinars

This webinar bundle explores the latest neuroscience research on a variety of topics shared by Sarah each month of 2016.


This is an all-in-one bundle that includes access to all of Sarah’s monthly Neuroscience and Resonance webinars from 2016.

Included in this series:

  • Resonating Self-Witness: Birthing and Nurturing Your Compassionate Inner-Voice: When we are able to be gentle and affectionate with ourselves, our nervous system relaxes, our immune cells are more effective, our brain is integrated, and our whole system starts running on oxygen. This webinar looks at the research into self-compassion and resonance and how to turn your natural capacity for compassion inward, toward yourself.
  • Healing Ambivalent Attachment: Do you wonder if you or someone you love may have ambivalent attachment patterns, leading to self-doubt about your worth, capacity, and value? Join Sarah to discover how understanding the brain can help us direct the path of healing, and choose the journey that will most support integration.
  • Temporal Lobe’s Gifts: The temporal lobe of the human brain is the home of integration of language, memory, people’s faces, and emotion, making it key to our well-being. In this webinar, Sarah Peyton explores the contributions of our temporal lobe as she builds a fuller picture of the landscape of our brain.
  • Parenting Brain: Facilitating Repair: Attachment research has shown that the most important thing when it comes to parenting is knowing how to make repairs, noticing that they are needed, and taking action to carry them out. In this webinar, Sarah offers knowledge and processes to support the movement toward repair and connection in the parent-child relationship.
  • Introversion, Extraversion and Empathy: How does being an introvert or an extrovert inform our neurobiology? And how can we hold ourselves with gentleness and take action for our long-term well-being, no matter what our basic style is? In this session with Sarah, find out what there is to discover about yourself.
  • Music, the Brain and Empathy: How can music shift our experience and what can we learn about relationship from our musical brains? Join Sarah Peyton to discover how resonance and music dance together in our human experience.
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): Gifts, Trials and Empathy: Are you easily overstimulated by what’s happening in the external world: noise, movement, light? Research shows that a surprising 20% of people are highly sensitive, and that this percentage is not just confined to humans. In this webinar, Sarah explores this natural manifestation of humanity and shares what the latest research tells us about our sensitive selves, and how resonant language can support our well-being, community connections and improve our health.
  • Dogs, Humans, Our Brains and Empathy: Dogs and humans are so closely interlinked that human attachment patterns show up in owners’ relationships with their dogs and dogs’ reactions to humans reveal information about human brains in relationship. Join Sarah Peyton in this webinar exploring these discoveries and celebrating the wonder of interspecies love and aliveness.
  • Language and Neuroplasticity: Why is language important and how does it connect to our relationships with ourselves and others? In this webinar, Sarah Peyton explores current relational neuroscience research to understand the brain and how we can change and heal in relationship with one another.
  • The Political Brain and Empathy: During seasons of political dialogue and diatribe, how are our bodies engaged, and how can resonance serve our health and well-being? Join Sarah to explore the differences that have been found between progressive and conservative party affiliations and brain structure, and to investigate the way that brains are reluctant to change their minds.
  • Gratitude: how empathy creates movement: What is the interrelationship between attachment style and easy expressions of thankfulness? In this webinar, Sarah explores the latest research into gratitude as we continue our journey toward resonant self-warmth and earned secure attachment.
  • Conflicting Sacred Vows: In this webinar, Sarah Peyton guides us in an exploration of our stuck places and interlocking sacred vows, along with ways to think about and release them.
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