What is self-resonance (and why does it matter?)

Nov 9, 2020Attachment, Depression, Loneliness, Reactivity

We are given a sense that we make sense (or not) by our mothering people in a key phase of attachment bonding that occurs between 0 and 4 months old. We can use self-resonance to re-pattern attachment disruptions that may have occurred, and build a healthy secure relationship to ourselves at any age.

How to heal trauma with self-resonance

Attachment is the way that our brains and bodies are wired to understand and predict relationship, which is heavily based on our childhood experience, especially in the first several years of life.

The way we are responded to creates within us this ongoing prediction or expectation of how we become attached to others, and whether that attachment is secure or insecure.

In this video (which is part of my playlist How to Heal Trauma with Self-Resonance) I explain why speaking in the 2nd person using resonant language is a powerful way of healing trauma.

How do we learn self-regulation?

Here is a little more about how we broadcast our needs as children with the relational expectation that we will be caught in our experience. You’ll learn a quick “brain in the palm of the hand” that is so helpful for us to learn what’s happening in our brains we are activated, and how self-resonance can help us to sooth ourselves and heal overtime from developmental trauma.

Dive deeper

To dive deeper into understanding how to learn self-regulation, consider the webinar below!

When we are able to be gentle and affectionate with ourselves, our nervous system relaxes, our immune cells are more effective, our brain is integrated, and our whole system starts running on oxygen. Join Sarah Peyton for a look at the research into self-compassion and resonance, and to learn how to turn your natural capacity for compassion inward, toward yourself.


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Sarah Peyton

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