The Traits and Personalities Series

This collection of four webinar presentations spans the past 6+ years of Sarah’s research into the neuroscience of what makes us who we are. Sarah shares how we might use resonance and self-warmth to truly see and honor ourselves.


This 4-module Traits and Personalities Series includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah explores many aspects of what makes us who we are and how we can come to know and care for ourselves with resonance, self-warmth and the healing power of neuroplasticity.

Included in this collection:

  • The Highly Sensitive Person: Are you easily overstimulated by what’s happening in the external world: noise, movement, light? Research shows that a surprising 20% of people are highly sensitive, and that this percentage is not just confined to humans. In this webinar, Sarah explores this natural manifestation of humanity and shares what the latest research tells us about our sensitive selves, and how resonant language can support our well-being, community connections and improve our health.
  • Personality: Our sense of who we are is an ineffable, specific, expansive and mysterious experience. Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of how we create this sense of who we are, while also being able to move in and out of relationship with others, and how it changes with resonance.
  • Gratitude: What is the interrelationship between attachment style and easy expressions of thankfulness? In this webinar, Sarah explores the latest research into gratitude as we continue our journey toward resonant self-warmth and earned secure attachment.
  • Introversion, Extraversion and Empathy: How does being an introvert or an extrovert inform our neurobiology? And how can we hold ourselves with gentleness and take action for our long-term well-being, no matter what our basic style is? Join Sarah Peyton to find out what there is to discover about yourself.
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