Climate Science For Our World’s Worry – The Resonance and Climate Series 2022


Do you make efforts to comprehend the uncountable impacts of the climate crisis on our beloved earth, and does your mind boggle? Do you worry about the future? Do you struggle with helplessness and overwhelm? Do you sometimes feel so much tenderness for the world that you think you might burst?

You are not alone. This collection of feelings is often called climate anxiety, and it’s happening to people all over the world as we face what’s going on with the overuse of fossil fuels and resulting global temperatures and weather changes, and their impacts on species and ecosystems.

The very best remedy for climate anxiety is knowing that this a collective experience, not an individual experience. We need community, acknowledgement, collective mourning, collective education and collective effort. We need to be able to hold hands and look together. This year Sarah Peyton and The Resonance Institute are putting together a 12-month program to support looking, understanding, staying resilient and taking action together.

This series is offered on a sliding scale to support as many people being able to participate and receive the healing and support of resonance and combat the often lonely experience and alarmed aloneness in the face of the crisis we and our planet are facing.

Sign up for the full series for exclusive access to bonus Resonance sessions with Sarah Peyton. These bonus sessions will be warmly held to support healing, grieving, action, connection and integration.


This series includes all 24 sessions in the 2022 Resonance and Climate Series plus bonus resonance sessions with Sarah Peyton

This program has three monthly components:

1. Talks from 12 different climate scientists from all over the planet about different ways that the climate crisis is impacting ecosystems and humans.

Presenters include:

2. Talks from 11 world-renowned specialists in Climate Anxiety and Miki Kashtan from the world of Nonviolent Communication about different approaches to self-accompaniment and the accompaniment of others in the face of the climate crisis, including:

3. Bonus Resonant Support and Integration with Sarah Peyton:

For folks who register for the full-year package, there are also 10 Bonus Resonance Sessions with Sarah Peyton to learn and practice resonance skills and nurture community.  This is only available for those who sign up for the full series. 

April 26, 9-11 AM PDT | June 21, 11AM-12:30 PM PDT | July 27, 9-11AM PDT | Aug 24, 9-11 AM PDT | Sept 27, 9-11 AM PDT | Nov 1, 9-11 AM PDT | Nov 29, 9-11 AM PST | Dec 13 9-11 AM PST | Jan 30, 2023 5-7 PM PST | Feb 21 2023, 9-11 AM PST

Sarah’s integration and resonance sessions are a participatory, body-centered exploration that supports us to be with the emotions that arise when encountering this material. Sarah will offer resonant language and unconscious contract work that helps us be with ourselves and each other in the hugeness, the massive grief and overwhelm, of truly holding planetary suffering. These sessions will support healing, grieving, action and connection. We can only do this together.

Over the year, participants will:
– learn and practice the 9 Resonant Language skills in relationship to climate anxiety
– experience a deepening connection with the body and an expanded ability to bring words to emotions
– respond to the emotions that come up in response to the different presenters
– address the scale of grief that the losses that the climate crisis and these extinction events call for
– and simultaneously make room for the joy of the present moment to still exist

Additional information

Sliding Scale Options

Suggested Sponsor Contribution – Support program creativity and continuation – $2000, Suggested Sustainer Contribution- Support Program Sustainability – $1200, Suggested Supporter Contribution – Support those with fewer resources to attend – $800, Suggested Standard Contribution – $600, Suggested Discounted Contribution – Discounted Rate – $450, Suggested Scholarship Contribution – Scholarship Rate – $350

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