The Full 3-Part 2022 Online Constellation Masterclass Series with Sarah Peyton


Join Sarah Peyton for a 3-part Masterclass Series investigating issues of fate and destiny in-depth, combining Constellation Work with the historical explorations humans have made to try to understand fate and destiny as represented by Astrology and Tarot, supported by an understanding of Relational Neuroscience.  Each in the series will combine Constellation Work with explorations in Relational Neuroscience and Resonant Language. Each online Masterclass is an intensive that stretches over 4-5 calendar days.

Constellations facilitated by Sarah will alternate with Constellations facilitated by Masterclass participants, interspersed with large and small group learning. Both being a facilitator and being a seeker happen by lottery. Only experienced participants who have attended at least one other master series session with Sarah will be eligible to be facilitators. Not all participants will have a chance to be a seeker or a facilitator. The intention of the course is to deepen our learning about constellations, rather than supporting personal work.

Participants will:

  • Work in small groups to build facilitation skills
  • Learn about the integration of constellation work with the modalities of tarot and astrology
  • Acquaint themselves with archetypal representations connected with tarot and astrology
  • Understand and integrate the elements of relational neuroscience that illuminate these aspects of constellation work
  • Integrate understandings of neuroscience into constellation work
  • Work on specific aspects of facilitation that can be troublesome or mysterious


This event series includes three parts: Part 1: February 3-6, 2022: Fate, Destiny, Constraint and Freedom, Part 2: April 21-24, 2022: Ideal Mother, Real Mother: Fate and Destiny in Astrology and Constellations, and Part 3: July 13-July 17, 2022: Tarot Representations in Constellations: Fate and Destiny in Divination



The schedule will be as follows (All times are in the Pacific Time zone.  To convert to your time, please click here):

This event series is a three-part event; the first two online events stretch over 4 calendars, starting at 9am-12pm, 1-3pm for the first in the series. In the second, sessions will go include an optional constellation debrief between 3-4pm for those who are interested.  The third event stretches over 5 calendars starting from 3pm-6pm on day one, 1pm-3pm on day two, and continuing on days 3-5 from 9am-12pm, 1-3pm.

What To Expect:

Each day we alternate between short lectures on neuroscience and constellation concepts with mini-constellations to explore and practice the concepts, and then we do large group constellations. If you’re a visual learner you can imagine small islands of didactic learning, surrounded by slightly larger islands of small-group learning, and then interspersed with large, full-group constellations.   Small group work will be done in small groups or dyads via breakout groups on zoom.

The large group constellations are alternately run by Sarah and by student constellators (participants in the masterclass series) with Sarah's support. Both being a facilitator and being a seeker happen by lottery, with weight given to the number of sessions attended, thus not all participants will have a chance to be a seeker or a facilitator.

The intention for this series is to deepen our learning about constellations, rather than supporting personal work.


Registration includes free access to Sarah's 2022 Constellation and Neuroscience Webinar Series for the duration of the 3-part series (February, March, April, May, and June). Topics and descriptions can be viewed here.

Who is This Event For?

  • This event is welcome to all, and is appropriate for constellation and neuroscience beginners and experienced facilitators alike; no prior experience is required
  • Sarah recommends new participants attend her introductory course taking place January 31-February 2, 2022.  The introductory course is available separately from the masterclass series.
  • This series will spend time breaking down the “why” and how” of constellation facilitation, including why we might make choices to go in one direction or another in order to direct or shape the exploration based on the seeker’s questions and responses throughout.
  • Learning to facilitate constellations isn’t only for those who wish to offer this work in the world; it can be extremely useful for individuals who wish to direct their own healing processes, with a scaffolding of neuroscience concepts that helps them see the field of challenge with compassion and gives a sense of where and which interventions might be useful.
  • If you are seeking a neuroscience-informed understanding of how to access choice in your relationships and life, fate, destiny, an understanding of the power of archetypes, and the intersection of constellations and tarot and astrology, this could be a powerful offering.

How much?

Early early bird rate $1700 if paid by December 1, 2021
Early bird rate $1850 if paid by January 3, 2022
Regular price $2000 if paid by February 3, 2022


  • In order to secure the early-bird rates, you must register and pay by the dates above.
  • Your tuition payment is non-refundable and transferrable.
  • This work is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. If you have a sense that you would be destabilized by others speaking about difficult events or hearing other’s difficulties in relationship, it would be better not to register for this program.
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