Monthly Neuroscience and Constellations Series 2023: Enjoying the Shadow In Constellation Work


This 10-month series offers facilitators new ways to consider the shadow in working with their clients. This live online drop-in series explores the mystery and awe of family constellations through the lens of neuroscience.

Each 90-minute webinar will include a brief lecture on the relational neuroscience of the focus topic for the session, a mini-constellation breakout so that everyone can explore, and a large-group constellation, with a seeker who doesn’t mind being recorded for others’ learning to be selected by lottery, if there is time.

You are welcome to purchase individual sessions or the entire series. Registration includes an invitation to the live exploration and access to the recordings.

This is an all-in-one bundle that includes access to all of Sarah’s monthly Neuroscience and Constellations Series: Enjoying the Shadow In Constellation Work from March 2023 – December 2023.


This is an all-in-one bundle that includes access to all of Sarah’s monthly Constellations and Neuroscience explorations from March 2023 – December 2023. These sessions are also for sale individually or as a part of the bundle.

By purchasing this package, you have the option of attending the constellations events live each month, or watching the recordings when they’re posted (generally within 48-72 hours of the live webinar).

The March – December 2023 series includes the following topics:

  • March 20, 2023 – Predatory Aggression and Pettiness in Constellations: What makes us mean and small-minded? Why are we resentful, and why do we take delight in small acts of revenge? When we look at others as tools or objects, and life as a series of goals to be attained, we are necessarily less generous, more likely to be petty and to use predatory aggression as a way to negotiate the world. This is a part of our shadow. And our instrumental brain has a gravitational force that pulls us away from generosity, kindness and openmindedness. As we acknowledge the pull, we can be more compassionate with ourselves and with others. Join Sarah Peyton to open your heart to yourself, to your clients and to their families in a way that will make your constellation work more joyful, even in the face of the world as it is.
  • April 17, 2023 – Schadenfreude in Constellations: We can take perverse pleasure in the misfortunes of others – this is so common that it has a name – schadenfreude. This feeling can be intense and simultaneously feel good and feel awful – it is a part of our shadow. What are the roots of this phenomenon, how does it show up in constellations, and how can it be disarmed? Join Sarah Peyton to explore the meaning of schadenfreude and learn the relational neuroscience behind this experience. Take steps toward more compassion for yourself and learn tools to support self-compassion in your clients.
  • May 15, 2023 — The Thoughtlessness-to-Narcissism Continuum in Constellations: All of us have thoughtless moments – times when other people or their requests cease to exist for us. What is the impact on others of our thoughtlessness, and how does the shadow of thoughtlessness become narcissism? What happens for the children or partners of people whose thoughtlessness strays into narcissism, and what can we do as constellation facilitators to help such clients? Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of the roots and neuroscience of thoughtlessness, and ways to support healing in ourselves and our clients.
  • June 19, 2023 – Constellations Healing for Those Who Receive Contempt: Do you feel rotten when people roll their eyes at you or pull one corner of their mouth back? You are not alone. The emotion that we receive that has the most intense impact on our immune systems is contempt. It is a protective emotion for the person feeling it, but it harms the people who receive it. We often see contempt as a family’s best attempt to manage emotions, particularly grief, and it often shows up in constellations for our clients. What do we do with it? How do we welcome it and take its venom away to allow for transformation and healing? Join Sarah Peyton for an investigation of the relational neuroscience of contempt and the support of resilience.
  • July 17, 2023 – Working with the Myth of Laziness in Constellations: Do you ever become angry and contemptuous with yourself for not being able to take action? Do you ever feel paralyzed, and call yourself “lazy?” Do your clients ever worry that they or their children are “lazy?” Condemning self and others for “laziness” is a primary shadow action, with interesting elements of sadism. Understanding the neurobiology of immobilization is an important element of both personal healing and client support in constellation work, and leads to greater self-compassion and more ability to take action. Join Sarah Peyton to experience the effectiveness of accompaniment for immobilization.
  • August 21, 2023 – Escaping Family Greed in Constellations: Do you ever have the sense that the desire for more is insatiable? Do you see it in yourself, your family, your clients and in the world? What are the roots of the shadow quality of greed, and what is the neurobiology of the longing for more, more, more? Join Sarah Peyton to investigate ways to understand greed and free yourself and your clients from its hunger.
  • September 18, 2023 – Understanding and Healing Jealousy in Constellations: If you have ever experienced the grip of jealousy, you know how powerful, irrational and destructive it can be. It can consume all reason like a tidal wave of desire for action and acknowledgment. What can relational neuroscience tell us about this most tormenting of all shadow emotions? And how can constellations support people in finding solid ground despite this intensity? Join Sarah Peyton to explore the convergence of neurobiology and constellations to support healing for ourselves and our clients.
  • October 16, 2023 – Supporting Resilience Around Bullying with Constellations: Bullying is hard on us no matter how old we are, but it is particularly difficult to receive when we are children. The difficulties are so great that they actually leave visible scars inside the brain. The memories of bullying become part of the shadow whether we were ourselves bullied or bullies. What we need in the aftermath of bullying is acknowledgment and access to our resources of resilience and self-compassion. As individuals and as facilitators, we can do a great deal to support with constellation work. Join Sarah Peyton to explore the remedy of constellations for brains carrying the burden of bullying.
  • November 20, 2023 – Healing Sexual Harm with Constellations: Why is healing from sexual abuse and assault so difficult? What makes it different from healing from other traumas? The neurobiology of the SEXUALITY circuit illuminates what needs to be done to lift the shadow of sexual harm from our bodies and the bodies of our constellation Clients. Join Sarah Peyton for information and approaches to support healing and well-being through constellations.
  • December 18, 2023 – The Surprise of Sexuality’s Friend, Disgust, in Constellations: Do you remember when you used to find French kissing disgusting? Or the thought of other sexual acts? Our healthy disgust is always trying to serve us by keeping us from being invaded or violated, but as we grow older, our healthy disgust often starts to make friends with our healthy sexuality, leading to clarity and to exploration for each individual person, with exactly what feels right for each. Join Sarah Peyton to celebrate disgust as a friend of sexuality and a giver of boundaries.
The Surprise of Sexuality’s Friend, Disgust, in Constellations – December 18, 2023
Healing Sexual Harm with Constellations – November 20, 2023
Supporting Resilience Around Bullying with Constellations – October 16, 2023
Understanding and Healing Jealousy in Constellations – September 18, 2023
Escaping Family Greed in Constellations – August 21, 2023
Working with the Myth of Laziness in Constellations – July 17, 2023
Constellations Healing for Those Who Receive Contempt – June 19, 2023
The Thoughtlessness-to-Narcissism Continuum in Constellations – May 15, 2023
Schadenfreude in Constellations – April 17, 2023
Predatory Aggression and Pettiness in Constellations – March 20, 2023
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