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What makes us mean and small-minded? Why are we resentful, and why do we take delight in small acts of revenge? When we look at others as tools or objects, and life as a series of goals to be attained, we are necessarily less generous, more likely to be petty and to use predatory aggression as a way to negotiate the world. This is a part of our shadow. And our instrumental brain has a gravitational force that pulls us away from generosity, kindness and openmindedness. As we acknowledge the pull, we can be more compassionate with ourselves and with others. Join Sarah Peyton to open your heart to yourself, to your clients and to their families in a way that will make your constellation work more joyful, even in the face of the world as it is.

This webinar will include a brief lecture on the relational neuroscience of predatory aggression and pettiness, a mini-constellation breakout so that everyone can explore, and a large-group constellation if there is time. The seeker will be selected by a lottery of those who agree to be recorded for others’ learning.


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