The ADHD Series

This collection of two webinar presentations shares the latest of Sarah’s research into the neurobiology of what is referred to as ADHD. Sarah explores how we might invite greater well-being into our lives and support others with the power of resonance, somatic empathy and warmth.


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In this ADHD Series, Sarah dives into an exploration of ADHD, including what it happening in the brain, how it relates to trauma, and how resonance and understanding can help. These two webinars contain individual presentations that include visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video.

Included in this collection:

  • Attention Basics: Maintaining attention and focus can be a little daunting in today’s world of speed, overwhelm, multi-tasking and multi-media-ing. Join Sarah Peyton for a look at the brain’s relationship with attention, some effects of mindfulness practices, what happens to the brain in ADHD, and the ways in which trauma creates aftereffects that look like ADHD.
  • Anterior Cingulate: We are always scanning the world to see whether our predictions match the real-world outcomes that we experience. What part of our brain holds this capacity for us, and what role does it play in our anxieties, our agency, and our ability to be at peace with ourselves?  In the webinar, Sarah explores the anterior cingulate cortex, and offers a deeper sense of the gifts of resonance.

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