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NVC Conference 2024

Online via Zoom

Do you have a need for growth, connection, learning, and perhaps a bit of play? Would you like an opportunity to engage and learn from a powerful group of NVC trainers while connecting with old and new friends all over the world? Join Sarah Peyton and 12 other NVC trainers for a weekend of sessions.

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$75 – $250

2024 Fierce Compassion: Skills for Antiracist Conversations

Online via Zoom

*Full scholarships available!* Based on Roxy Manning and Sarah Peyton’s new book series, How to Have Antiracist Conversations and The Antiracist Heart, this course will empower you and provide clarity, helping you cultivate a strong foundation and a fierce, compassionate resilience that will guide your actions. It is designed to support you, even if you’re unsure of where to begin or experience a sense of freeze and distress in response to racial harm.

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The Technology of Being With: Skills and Practices to Expand Our Window of Welcome for Difficult Things

Online via Zoom

Have you ever noticed, in session work or holding emotional processing space, that there are certain types of emotions you cannot tolerate in other people? Do you long to expand your capacity in session work to stay with your people as they reach the edges of what you are able to hold? Join Sarah in February, 2024 to learn how to expand your capacity for resonance and broaden your window of welcome for depth and difficult things.


The Maiden, the Fool and Inviolable Innocence

Online via Zoom

How might we use the resiliency of archetypes in constellations when our seekers have experienced violence or intrusion? Join Sarah Peyton for an 90-minute experiential constellations class exploring the protective and restorative uses of archetypes.


Sarah and Roxy LIVE Reading of New Antiracism Books in Portland, OR

Annie Bloom's Books 7834 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR, United States

Join Sarah and Roxy for a FREE, live, in-person reading and discussion of their new antiracism book series: How to Have Antiracist Conversations and The Antracist Heart: A Self-Compassion and Activism Handbook.


Harvesting the Gifts of Woundedness and Shame: Constellation Masterclass with Sarah Peyton

Online via Zoom

Join Sarah Peyton for a 3-day immersive constellation facilitators training. Sarah's approach weaves together neuroscience, resonant language and the power of constellation to support facilitators to better hold their clients so they can be understood for things previously unnamed. Learn how constellations can create opportunities to support our clients with anxiety, depression and overwhelm so that they can engage with and enjoy life and nurture the enormous love they have for the world and the people around them.


The Wild Goddess, the Green Man and the Life Force of Chaos

Online via Zoom

How do our brains dance and respond to the bubbling caldron of creative potential, of divine imagination we colloquially call “chaos?” Join Sarah Peyton for an 90-minute experiential constellations class to engage with and offer your clients the gift of chaos as an archetypal energy/resource.


Cell phone with Your Resonant Self Guided Meditations Audio Book

When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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Healing from Betrayal & Abandonment is Possible


Begin the journey of self-resonance by attending the FIRST CLASS FREE on May 31st: Clear Your Circuits - Write from Your Heart: learning the healing practice of resonant writing.

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