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The Resonance and Climate Series: Bonus Sessions

Online via Zoom

Bonus Resonant Support and Integration with Sarah Peyton: For folks who register for the full-year package, there are also 10 Bonus Resonance Sessions with Sarah Peyton to learn and practice resonance skills and nurture community.

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Integrating the Shadow: Chapter 3 – From Self-Sabotage to Self-Care, Where We Go Astray

Online via Zoom

These two classes address contracts that have negative results on our daily lives in simple ways. We learn about the instrumental brain and the relational brain and their relationship with the shadow. Links between the shadow and self-sabotage will be explored. Body sensations give us our resonant skills practice for this chapter.

Part of a 12-month journey integrating the shadow and the Your Resonant Self Workbook
CEUs available


How to Lighten the Chasm: Constellation Masterclass with Sarah Peyton

Online via Zoom

Join Sarah Peyton for a 4-day immersive constellation facilitators training. Sarah's approach weaves together neuroscience, resonant language and the power of constellation to support facilitators to better hold their clients so they can be understood for things previously unnamed. Learn how constellations can create opportunities to support our clients with anxiety, depression and overwhelm so that they can engage with and enjoy life and nurture the enormous love they have for the world and the people around them.


Neuroscience and NVC for Candidates, Community Teachers and Certified Trainers – First Trimester 2023

Online via Zoom

Do you ever wonder why NVC works so very well? Do you love learning about the brain and making sense of your life, your emotions and your mind? The world of Relational Neuroscience is highly supportive of a deep, connecting, and effective NVC practice. With body-centered awareness and rich food for thought, these classes will take you more deeply into all the healing and communication potential that NVC has. This program is taught and led by NVC Certified Trainers Sarah Peyton and Peggy Smith, and NVC Certified Trainer and Assessor Sylvie Hoerning, all of whom integrate trauma-sensitivity and relational neuroscience into their NVC teaching and practice.

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Constellating Perfectionism

Online via Zoom

How often do we, or our clients, find ourselves/themselves falling short of impossibly high standards? What purpose could perfectionism, which so often tortures so mercilessly, possibly serve? What are the contracts that take people into the self-cruelty of never being good enough, and can they be released? Join Sarah Peyton to explore constellation possibilities for clients struggling with perfectionism. 


2023 Online NVC Conference

Do you have a need for growth, connection, learning, and perhaps a bit of play? Would you like an opportunity to engage and learn from a powerful group of NVC trainers while connecting with old and new friends all over the world? Join Sarah Peyton and 14 other NVC trainers for a weekend of sessions.

$75 – $250

Healing Codependency is Possible


Begin the journey of self-resonance to heal from self-hate (aka: toxic shame)

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Join Sarah on December 13th (recording provided) for a free process work demonstration on how to give back shame

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Cell phone with Your Resonant Self Guided Meditations Audio Book

When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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