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Raging Divinity and Consolation

Online via Zoom

Is your rage, or your client's rage, sometimes too big to be contained? Join Sarah Peyton in this 90-minute experiential constellations session as we explore righteous anger through the archetype of Sedna, Inuit goddess of the sea, and practice inviting and soothing the raging divinity within ourselves.


Woundedness, Shame and the Body: Constellation Masterclass with Sarah Peyton

Online via Zoom

Join Sarah Peyton for a 3-day immersive constellation facilitators training. Sarah's approach weaves together neuroscience, resonant language and the power of constellation to support facilitators to better hold their clients so they can be understood for things previously unnamed. In this masterclass, learn how to support your clients to navigate and heal from the traumas that leave them fractured, and support them to remember their wholeness.


Resonant Healing 102: Untying the Knots of Trauma with Sarah Peyton and Jaya Manske Fall 2024

Online via Zoom

Are you curious to learn how resonant healing work can liberate and dissolve painful past experiences, freeing life energy that has been frozen in place for years, even decades? This is our most foundational 8-week course that breaks down the basics of Sarah's resonance process work: time travel resonance and unconscious contracts. Learn to dissolve the walls of long-standing patterns of behavior and thought and pave the way for newfound self-kindness, self-compassion and self-warmth. No prior experience is necessary.

$220 – $400

Lilith and the Outsider

Online via Zoom

What does banishment and alienation do to our psyche, and what gifts become available for healing when we call archetypal energies as a resource for this experience? Join Sarah Peyton in this 90 minute experiential constellation to meet the mythological feminine figure of Lilith, who has much to teach us about the power of the scorned outsider.


The Trickster

Online via Zoom

What if our attachment to certainty and knowing actually prevents us from building the kind of world we long for? Join Sarah Peyton for a 90-minute journey into the strange and unpredictable support for facilitators and clients offered by the Trickster.


Juicy Relational Skills to Heal Shame Part 3: Healing Shame in Relationship

Online via Zoom

How does our shame impact our ability to connect with others? Join Sarah for this special three-part workshop to dive deep into the neuroscience of shame, and skill-build resonant practices for healing. CEUs available.

The Guardians of the Borders of Life and Death

Online via Zoom

For something so central to life, death is something many of us don’t deeply contemplate until our time has come. But what if the guardians of these portals are gateways to our deepest, most profound experience of home, belonging, and the simple acceptance of the fundamental nature of reality? Join Sarah Peyton in this 90-minute experiential constellation and meet the Guardians of the Borders of Life and Death.


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