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Gentrification, Community and the Brain

Online via Zoom

What insights can relational neuroscience give us into gentrification and its impacts? What are the systemic and personal implications? Join Sarah for this 90 minute exploration. Come ready to have your brain remodeled. Recommended reading: How to Kill a City by Peter Moskowitz.


The Gift of Grief: Ecological Grief in an Era of Loss and Damage with Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo

Online via Zoom

Drawing from 14 years of working with people on the frontlines of climate change, and interweaving personal experiences with leading global research, Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo delves into diverse expressions of ecological grief and loss, and explores how the ‘gift of grief’ and ‘gritty hope’ can foster deeper relational connections with humans and more-than-humans, and furnish new ethical and political communities. We need not carry our planetary pain and sorrow in isolation; instead, we can mobilize our grief for collective-building, for for activism, and for personal and planetary healing.

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On Oysters, Humans, and Climate Change with Priya Shukla

Online via Zoom

Priya Shukla will be talking about the relationship between humanity, the food we fetch from the sea, the role of oysters in our ecosystems and diets, and how climate change hangs over it all.

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Constellating Anxiety

Online via Zoom

Anxiety has been shown to be an unnamed pain, which can start to shift once it has been identified and resonated with. If we don’t know the neuroscience mysteries behind anxiety, it is harder to support our clients. Join Sarah Peyton to explore constellation possibilities for clients struggling with anxiety. 


Getting to the Heart of Climate and Science Communication with Faith Kearns

Online via Zoom

This talk will focus on a different way of approaching climate science communication with tools that including relating, listening, working with conflict, and understanding trauma, all with an eye toward justice and community care as covered in Kearns’ recent book, Getting to the Heart of Science Communication (Island Press, 2021).

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FREE: Sarah’s 2022 Process Work Exploration: Giving Back Shame

Online via Zoom

FREE: Sarah’s 2022 Process Work Exploration
Curious about how relational neuroscience and resonance can change you and the world around you? Every year Sarah takes the newest process that she has been exploring and brings it to the public to savor and experience along with her. We never know what will be unveiled at this annual, exciting webinar, free to the public.


Constellating Gaslighting

Online via Zoom

Join Sarah Peyton to explore constellation possibilities for clients struggling with the aftereffects of gaslighting. Sometimes clients come to us knowing that they are trying to recover from gaslighting, and sometimes constellations can help to name what happened and support them in regaining self-trust and ground beneath them. 


Let’s Act! Learn and Apply Tools of Nonviolence and Social Change

Online via Zoom

Beginning in February 2023, Roxy Manning, Kathleen Macferran, Sarah Peyton, and Kathy Simon will be offering a six-week series that includes three different kinds of meetings each week: whole group sessions, action groups, and peer-led empathy groups. Learning and taking action together, we will apply the skills and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication to social justice work to contribute to creating a society that works better for people and the planet.

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