The Resonance Summit 2023 Recordings Package


Resonance changes our brains, our relationships, our enthusiasm for life, and our capacity for generosity and kindness. It changes our lives.

Get all five (5) days of recordings of incredible keynotes and experiential sessions offering a bold exploration of the latest neuroscience research that lies at the foundation of resonance, and an opportunity to capture the entire immersive experience. Continue learning at your own pace and revisit any sessions you love!

This package includes keynote speeches from Douglas Watt, PhD, Matthew Lieberman, PhD, James A Coan, PhD, and Sarah Peyton. Plus over 30 other interactive sessions with teachers speaking about topics ranging from embodiment to constellations to empathy to social justice.


The Resonance Summit

The Power of Empathy, Self-Compassion and Resonance: Neuroscience-informed Approaches to Healing Emotional Trauma

This package includes keynote presentations from:

  • Dr. Matthew Lieberman, the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Director at UCLA. Prof. Lieberman’s research shows that accurately naming feelings changes the brain and body’s response to stress, and he has developed his own fascinating theory of resonance.
  • Dr. James A Coan, the Director of the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Lab. Prof. Coan researches and speaks about his theory of social baseline and how human relationship makes us healthier and more resilient.
  • Dr. Douglas F. Watt, a Clinical Neuropsychologist, who returns to the Summit for this second year. Prof. Watt worked personally with Jaak Panskepp, who pioneered the field of affective neuroscience, and will talk about their research into the neuroscience of empathy. 
  • Sarah Peyton, an author, constellations facilitator, Nonviolent Communication Trainer and neuroscience educator integrates constellations, brain science and the use of resonant language to heal trauma with exquisite gentleness

and 31 speaker presentations/workshops, transcripts, chat from the live session, audio and video files!  A total of 42 session recordings!

This summit took place March 22-26, 2023.  Get all the warmth of community and the incredible wisdom shared during these sessions by purchasing the package.

See more about the 2023 summit and all the amazing presentations included here.

We appreciate your support of this community event.

Upon purchasing, you’ll receive access to a package where recordings will be found – it will take several weeks to add all chat, transcripts, audio files and more.

All recordings will be downloadable and available for 3 years (you can download and keep them forever). 

The Resonance Summit 2023
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