The Resonance Summit 2021


Get the collection, including keynote speeches from Ruth Lanius, Bonnie Badenoch, and Sarah Peyton. Plus over 20 other teachers speaking about topics ranging from embodiment to creativity to social justice.


The Resonance Summit
Healing Emotional Trauma, Supporting Integration and Growth

This is the encore package which includes 3 keynote presentations and 23+ speaker presentations/workshops, transcripts, chat from the live session, audio and video files, and even a few special presenter gifts!

See more about the 2021 summit and all the amazing presentations included here.

This summit took place March 18-21, 2021.  Get all the warmth of community and the incredible wisdom shared during these sessions by purchasing below.

All recordings will be downloadable and available for 3 years (you can download and keep them forever).  

The Resonance Summit 2021 (Revised)
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Build a Better Brain, One Meditation at a Time


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> Three ways to make self-kindness easier

> Why reassurance doesn't help us heal, and how to use resonance instead

> Why your inner voice is so cruel (and what to do about it!) 



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Healing Codependency is Possible


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