Transgenerational Trauma and Healing Webinar Bundle

This collection of six presentations (five teleseminars and one webinar) covers the past several years of research Sarah has done into the neurobiology of transgenerational trauma. Sarah explores how we can use resonance, somatic empathy and self-warmth to re-pattern and heal ourselves, including even the trauma experienced by our ancestors.

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This 5-module Transgenerational Healing Series includes individual presentations (including visual slides with research notes, audio and sometimes video) where Sarah shares about how much of the burden we carry is inherited from our ancestors and how we can begin to heal these intergenerational wounds with resonance, self-warmth and the power of neuroplasticity.

Included in this collection:

  • Epigenetics - You are not your DNA: Did you know that we are being consistently changed by what we take in in life, from our relationships to the food we eat, and that these things even change the expression of our genes, which is then passed on to future generations? Join Sarah Peyton to engage with the topic of epigenetics with warm curiosity.
  • Lightening the Implicit Load: The pain and persistent emotional states that our parents and grandparents carried live on in us as learned patterns of somatic energy. This webinar explores the wounds that we can carry from the generations that came before us and how to begin doing the healing work to move towards greater choice and well-being.
  • Healing Disorganized Attachment: When trauma enters the family, the heartbeat of secure attachment is interrupted and disorganization comes into the scene. Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of the journey of healing for any bubbles of traumatic attachment that may be floating around in your system.
  • Conflicting Sacred Vows: In this webinar, Sarah Peyton guides us in an exploration of our stuck places and interlocking sacred vows, along with ways to think about and release them.
  • Language and Neuroplasticity: Why is language important and how does it connect to our relationships with ourselves and others? In this webinar, Sarah Peyton explores current relational neuroscience research to understand the brain and how we can change and heal in relationship with one another.
  • Naming, Understanding and Healing Collective Trauma: In the wake of natural disasters, extreme weather patterns, pandemics, and war, ripples of collective trauma shakes individuals, families and society as a whole. Without any knowledge of the impact of collective trauma, you may wonder about the behaviors in yourself and those closest to you. When we understand the impacts, and are able to name and acknowledge what we have been through, doorways to compassion open. Join Sarah for an exploration that will take us into transgenerational understanding and movement. This session includes a video presentation.

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