A pre-recorded course with Sarah Peyton examining unconscious contracts.  


Do you long to be a more full and free version of yourself? Do you sometimes feel stuck and unsure how to move forward? Have you read and integrated much of the self-warmth from the book “Your Resonant Self,” and do you still have difficulty with fully nourishing your Resonating Self-Witness?  Do you wish to be free from your self-sabotaging or self-destructive behaviors which keep you small and inhibit you from thriving?

But how can we shift such deeply ingrained habits and thought patterns?

This new pre-recorded book-study-course offers a fresh look into the content of “Your Resonant Self,” with the new and revolutionary understanding of sacred vows and unconscious contracts, alongside the brain-changing science and insights of the book.  In order to belong, survive, or honor our families, we make unconscious and silent agreements with ourselves, our caregivers, or the world, which can keep us feeling stuck, small, and constrained.  Sacred Vow work allows us to touch on, bring healing to, and release ourselves from agreements that are no longer serving us. During this course, we will examine the different contracts that arise from differences in the brains’ hemispheres that are connected to every single concept that the book covers. You will learn how to release yourself from these contracts so you can live a life of your choosing.

Whether you are experienced or brand new to Sarah’s book, this study group is for you!

Registration includes recordings of a previously recorded course.

If you are interested in the first book study recordings, you can find it here


  • This is a recorded series, compiled from a previous online Zoom course that moves through YOUR RESONANT SELF from the standpoint of Sacred Vows in 16 sessions, 1 week per chapter introduction and closing
  • This series is more experiential than the original series, allowing participants to feel into the sacred vow/unconscious contract process.  Each of the 16 sessions includes Sarah’s presentation of the week’s material (slides are available for download) and at least one unconscious contract demo
  • Each session is 55-minutes long



  • Week 1: Introduction and Welcome
    This week we’ll set our learning container and go over the materials in the introduction, and put in place our understanding of the neurobiology of sacred vow/unconscious contract work.
  • Week 2 – Chapter 1: How We Talk to Ourselves: The Default Mode Network
    This chapter explores the way in which we can be forced into maintaining a critical stance toward ourselves by unconscious contracts we have made.
  • Week 3 – Chapter 2: Staying in Emotional Balance: Healthy Self-Regulation 
    In this week’s study group we’ll learn how we can unconsciously block our own self-warmth.
  • Week 4 – Chapter 3: Developing Self-Kindness: Introducing the Resonating Self-Witness
    Trust is the focus of our exploration this week.  If we prevent ourselves from having trust, we will have a difficult time supporting the growth of our Resonating Self-Witness.
  • Week 5 – Chapter 4: Taming the Inner Critic: Hearing the Attempt to Contribute
    How do our contracts maintain our attitudes of relentless self-criticism? What happens when we release them?
  • Week 6 – Chapter 5: Calming Anxiety: Moving Toward Trust
    Week 6 takes us into the different kinds of contracts which leave us in a continued state of anxiety, and how to start revoking them.
  • Week 7 – Chapter 6: Time Traveling with Resonance: Healing Old Hurts
    This week’s group takes us into an understanding of trauma and trauma-based vows, and an initial movement into their release, as well as an integration of the time travel process with vow work
  • Week 8 – Chapter 7: Claiming Anger’s Creative and Protective Gifts
    What kinds of contracts maintain us in a state of anger or rage, sometimes for years? This week we begin to understand the relationship between vows and the vagus nerve and our nervous system states of fight/flight/panicked aloneness and immobilization.
  • Week 9 – Chapter 8. Vanquishing Ancient Fears
    In this study group, we’ll look at the contracts connected with terror, fear and fear-based anxiety.  How does it feel to let go of the vows that keep us from letting go of vows?
  • Week 10 – Chapter 9: Returning from Dissociation
    How do unconscious contracts keep us in a state of dissociation? And how can we use contract work to begin to unlock the vows that have kept us from fully participating in life?
  • Week 11 – Chapter 10: Attachment: How Brains Respond to Accompaniment
    This week’s lesson breaks down chapter 10 and our patterns of attachment and explores the contracts we put in place to make us safe within our attachment styles.  The contract work helps us to repattern our nervous systems to feel safe from the inside out.
  • Week 12 – Chapter 11: Healing Self-Hate and Disorganized Attachment
    In the cramping patterns of self-hate, we often feel we hate ourselves and perhaps lose all hope that our lives matter. How can contract work support us in this area?
  • Week 13 – Chapter 12: Gently Healing Depression
    Often when struggling with depression, we feel despair and hopeless, as if our lives have no meaning. This week’s lesson shows us how to find richness and create meaning, to feel that self-love is within reach with the help of the dissolution of unconscious contracts.
  • Week 14 – Chapter 13: Leaving Behind Addictions and Compulsions: The Contributions of Self-Understanding and Resonance
    Interlocking and mutually canceling sacred vows can leave people with so little room to breathe or exist that addictions become the only answer.  How can our understanding of unconscious contracts help us in the journey toward freedom from addictions and compulsions?
  • Week 15 – Chapter 14: Joy, Community, and Our Outside Voice: Bringing Our Resonating Self-Witness to Others  
    This week’s lesson explores the importance of empathizing with excitement, delight and joy, and how contracts may prevent us from celebrating or moving into joy.  Understanding the gifts of social engagement – what happens in our body when we’re in ventral vagal, vibrating with other humans in trust and safety, is a key piece of hope that can help keep us going on the path of healing trauma.
  • Week 16: Closing


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