Inviting Awe: Chapter 2 – How Trauma Blocks Wonder, and Blocks our Life Energy


Join Sarah for this two-week deep dive into chapter 2  of Your Resonant Self Workbook, part of a year-long extended journey into Inviting Awe: A 12-Month Journey towards Meaning, Belonging and Transformation.

These sessions meet January 4 and Janary 11,  2024 from 10:30am – 12:00pm Pacific Time
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Online via Zoom. Sessions will be recorded for viewing in different time zones and for review, and for sale after the series is over.
Each class will include lectures, Q&A, discussion of exercises, demos, and personal explorations of the abilities and growth that make our brains good and comfortable places to be.

Purchase of this class does not include the purchase of the Your Resonant Self Workbook. Please purchase the book separately.

CEUs are available for this course.


In these two classes, we bring our learning about unconscious contracts as a tool into relationship with the resonance skill of time travel empathy, demonstrating the integration of these two approaches to healing. We will explore the connection between trauma and contracts that prevent experiencing awe, belonging, and transformation and continue our investigation of the importance of resonant language to loosen the amygdala’s hold on memory, with a comparison of resonance and reassurance.

Do you sometimes ache for a feeling of awe and wonder? Do you long to experience what’s possible when you are in your body, awake, and present to the absolute gift of being alive? Join Sarah for a 2-session class to learn Sarah’s most potent healing modalities to break through blocks to awe: the integration of unconscious contracts and the resonance skill of time travel empathy.

This is the second workshop in Sarah’s year-long journey: Inviting Awe: A 12-Month Journey towards Meaning, Belonging and Transformation, where we use the Your Resonant Self Workbook to guide our reclamation of self-love and belonging. If you missed the first workshop, that’s OK! If you enjoy this course you’ll be able to catch up with the recordings if you want to learn more.

Do you want to truly take in the world of resonance and unconscious contracts? Join Sarah for two weeks, on January 4 and January 11, 2024, 10:30am-12:00pm Pacific Time. This course is part of an extended journey into inviting awe through resonant process work and unconscious contracts, diving deep into chapter 2 of Your Resonant Self Workbook.

  • This class meets via zoom
  • Purchase includes an invitation to two live classes, and event access to download the recording and any materials.
  • Part of a twelve-month journey Inviting Awe: A 12-Month Journey towards Meaning, Belonging and Transformation
  • We are delighted to offer 3 CEU hours for psychologists and social workers for this 2-part series ($15 additional fee).Details here.
  • Live attendance is required to receive CEUs.
Inviting Awe: Chapter 2 – How Trauma Blocks Wonder, and Blocks our Life Energy

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