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This is an all in one bundle that includes all the teleseminars from 2017. You’ll learn so much about yourself and those around you as you dive into the fountains of knowledge from the following teleseminars:
After each teleseminar call the download links will be available under each title.
January 2017 – DISORGANIZED ATTACHMENT: Understanding and Healing with Empathy
February 2017 – Heart Rate Variability and Empathy
March 2017 – Disordered Eating: Gradual Healing with Empathy
April 2017 – Migrants, Refugees, Home and Empathy
May 2017 – The Precuneus and the Sense of Self: Differentiating Self from Other
June 2017 – Brain Waves, Meditation and Empathy
July 2017 – Asperger’s and Autism: How Empathy can Contribute
August 2017 – Safety: How to Claim it With Resonant Empathy
September 2017 -Glial Cells, Memory, Brain Fitness and Empathy
October 2017 – Addiction, Habits and Free Will: Empathy for Choice and Decision Fatigue, with a nod to the Basal Ganglia
November 2017 – Power and Privilege: The Neurobiology of Status and Group Dynamics
December 2017 empathy time traveling into the future for anxiety

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