Lilith and the Outsider


What does banishment and alienation do to our psyche, and what gifts become available for healing when we call archetypal energies like Lilith as a resource for this experience?

Join Sarah Peyton in this 90 minute experiential constellation to meet the mythological feminine figure of Lilith, who stands in opposition to patriarchy and has much to teach us about the power of the scorned outsider.


SEPTEMBER EXPLORATION: September 16th from 9:00-10:30am Pacific Time, 5pm-6:30pm British Time (convert to your timezone here)

What happens when we are cast out, abandoned, or ghosted? We are often overtaken by despair. Nervous systems and brains experience pain that is visible on fMRI’s in such situations. What archetypes speak to the experience of seeing things from the outside, and how do we create a large enough sense of belonging that we are no longer outside? Can constellations support us in this effort?

Come and experience the presence of Lilith in constellations and discover her effect on the patriarchy in an 90-minute exploration with Sarah Peyton.

This webinar will include a brief lecture, a mini-constellation breakout so that everyone can explore, and a large-group constellation if there is time. The seeker will be selected by a lottery of those who agree to be recorded for others’ learning.

  • $30 drop-in, 90 minutes
  • Purchase includes an invitation to a live, experiential exploration, and access to download the recording.
  • Part of the Resources and Archetypes 2024 Constellations and Neuroscience Webinar Series
  • This work is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. If you have a sense that you would be destabilized by yourself or others speaking about difficult events, then this event may not be for you. While we hope that the processes and information that we share can be of use in your journey, we do not have the resources to support extreme psychological difficulties.
Lilith and the Outsider

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