A Sound Healing Grief Ritual for the Climate Crisis with Eric Bowers


With further slides into climate instability, healing and grieving spaces are incredibly needed. Please join Eric Bowers in a space created to be with what is, and to find welcome space for your grief.

Suggested Sliding Scale Contribution $30 – $50 | 90 minutes

This workshop can be purchased as a stand-alone, or as part of a larger 12-month Resonance and Climate Online Series. Purchasing the series includes 26 sessions with climate scientists, healers and activists, plus ten integration and resonance sessions with Sarah. This online learning community of practice is meant to increase understanding, resiliency and togetherness amidst the ecological crisis we and our planet are facing. Learn more here.


This session is an opportunity to come together and grieve the losses and devastation that are happening due to climate crisis. When we don’t have support and space to grieve significant losses, the grief stays stuck inside us and takes a toll on our mental and physical health. Blocked grief can also compromise our capacity to take effective action.

Join Eric Bowers for space to grieve in community. Before the sound healing begins, Eric will suggest different ways to use your breath, voice, and body to open up and move through grief and other emotions that are stuck in your body.

Registration after the live event includes access to the recording, chat, transcript and any other materials provided by the presenter.

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