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Read Me file for New Depths Session 3, May 2017
In order to reduce the burden of storing recordings indefinitely, please know that you have 3 years from April 2018 for previous programs and 3 years from the end of this program, to pick up your recordings. We will be deleting them after that date.
Folders labeled from 01 through 07 contain the sound files for each day of this session.
The individual files in each folder have short labels to assist in locating what you want to find.
The LEFT channel contains Susan and/or Sarah talking; the RIGHT channel is participants.
If you can control volume of the channels, reducing the Right channel volume may make it
easier to hear the content of the left channel more clearly. Unfortunately, it would be a huge
project to clear the left channel fully.
I have not labeled the participant involved in each of the Inner Parts Process sessions with
Susan and also have not identified the person recorded in Sarah’s evening Constellations.
Some are identified in the recording. Hopefully you will not have difficulty finding your own
I also photographed the note sheets produced during this session and have included them in a
separate folder. This folder also contains a photo of the flowers.
Hopefully this all works for you. Email me if I can help in any way, and I will try.
With best wishes and looking forward to September,
Tryg Steen

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