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How do we support healing when trauma is a constant undertow? What do we do when a client’s trauma has a magnitude so great that it has never successfully been held before? What do we do with significant deaths, the impact of addiction, high levels of abuse and neglect, or longer-term experiences that have resulted in health and energy impacts for clients? How do we help our clients to navigate the complex relationships with their perpetrators?

This workshop will focus on the importance of the client’s consent and how to have consent honored in our facilitation practice. What do we do to find the right way to work in accordance with the client’s consent? This session will explore the possibilities that neuroscience and constellations can offer us in working with magnitude and scale of trauma and pain for our clients.

Over this 4-day immersion week participants will:

  • Explore the impact of emergent constellations on the effects of massive trauma
  • Take away a sense of the leverage that relational neuroscience offers our healing efforts
  • Learn the scaffolding and support that careful work with consent brings to our clients

Join Sarah Peyton for this exploration of what neuroscience and constellations can do to help us hold our clients pain and struggles in a way that contributes to long-term wellbeing and healing.

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