Family Constellations: a 3-D Healing Exploration

Family Constellations are a way of three dimensionalizing elements of a question or problem, where the full system can be seen and experienced. This modality is often used for ancestral recovery, and allows the person receiving the constellation, the seeker, to take unprecedented giant steps toward clarity and resolution of past wounds.

We often do this work when we are together in a large circle, but the work can also be done on-line, with drawings showing the layout of the issue, and with the on-line participants each holding a different element of the question that is under review.

How Family Constellations Help Us Heal Intergenerational Trauma

How Family Constellations Help Us Heal Intergenerational Trauma

Our bodies, quite literally, hold the trauma and stress of the past, including painful childhood experiences and the traumas of the generations before us. Constellations are a 3-dimensional, experiential, body-centered, participatory exploration of how trauma and past...

Understanding Systemic and Collective Trauma

Understanding Systemic and Collective Trauma

Once we understand how individual nervous systems respond to trauma, we can apply those understandings to larger bodies (family systems, cultural systems, political systems).   When we allow ourselves to zoom out and think systemically, we can take steps toward...

Healing Addiction With Unconscious Contract Work

Healing Addiction With Unconscious Contract Work

In order to belong, survive or honor our families, we make unconscious and silent agreements with ourselves, our caregivers, or the world, which can keep us feeling stuck, small and constrained. When working with addictions and compulsive behaviors, we can use unconscious contract work to touch on, bring healing to, and release ourselves from agreements that are no longer serving us.

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