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Working in concert with Jungian astrologer Carol Ferris, the constellations in this session will take as their starting point several elements from the birth horoscope of the client, including and especially the figures Lilith and Sedna, the first from ancient Sumerian ties, the second from indigenous Inuit culture. These astrological and mythological figures are one way we can explore the influence of patriarchy and planetary crisis in our personal and our collective lives. The constellations will integrate Carol’s understanding of the archetypal interplay with the movement of the constellation representatives.

In the 2022 series, Sarah and Carol worked in collaboration in this way, and the healing and integration were so extraordinary that there was a group request to bring Carol for another year.

Over this 4-day immersion week participants will:

  • Learn about the mythology of Sedna and Lilith and what they teach us about power and creation
  • Investigate the influence and impact of patriarchy through the lens of Jungian astrology and archetypal energies
  • Experiment with the integration of ritual and emergent constellations through the use of pre-set representatives from clients’ natal charts
  • Explore the convergence of the ideas of relational neuroscience with ideas about mythology and astrology

All participants in this session will have a natal chart and initial personal reading with Carol prior to the constellation session, so you each have a sense of the individual archetypal elements for the mini-constellation breakouts. If you are experienced in astrology; already have your birth chart; or do not wish to have a chart and reading done, please apply for a discount in the price of this session.

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