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Do you wake up at 3am in a cold sweat, suddenly remembering your regrets and worries? 

Do your fingernails look like the paws of a wild animal? (mine sometimes do…) 

Do you have the sense that your body’s fuel is cortisol, and that you spend your days managing burning tension, shame, anxiousness, exhaustion and low-grade dread and horror?

This struggle with anxiety is so common that it is almost the air we breathe in our industrialized world.  There are personal, moral, political, global and spiritual issues overwhelming almost everyone. 

In such a world, how can we calm our nervous systems to provide relief? 

  • DAY 1 (MONDAY – JUNE 3, 2019) from 10:30-12 Noon PST: We will learn how to discern and discover the origin our our anxiety, and then practice using resonant language to speak directly to the parts that need attention.
  • DAY 2 (TUESDAY –  JUNE 4, 2019) from 10:30-12 Noon PST: We will learn and practice time-traveling into the future to pre-install resonating self witnesses to catch us as we move into the events that we worry about or dread.
  • DAY 3 (THURSDAY – JUNE 6, 2019) from 10:30-12 Noon PST: We will learn and practice how to work with unconscious contracts that keep us cycling through our anxiety patterns.


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> Three ways to make self-kindness easier

> Why reassurance doesn't help us heal, and how to use resonance instead

> Why your inner voice is so cruel (and what to do about it!) 



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Healing Codependency is Possible


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