Healing from Anxiety is Possible

The most common complaint among humans in the twentieth century is anxiety: chronic worrying, anxiety attacks, feeling anxious for no reason.

Many of us don’t realize that anxiety isn’t always caused by fear, sometimes its caused by finding ourselves alone and unsupported, especially as children, which can lead to chronic anxiety as adults.

The resources below will help you learn about what causes anxiety, and how to calm our nervous systems to provide relief.

Guided meditation: Transform your brain with self-warmth

Guided meditation: Transform your brain with self-warmth

  My mission is to support self-warmth, joy and compassion by sharing the science of how our brains can change, I want to share a practice with you. Have you got 6 minutes? Find a spot to sit or lay down, and give yourself the gift of warm breath and sweet,...

Cell phone with Your Resonant Self Guided Meditations Audio Book

When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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Healing from Betrayal & Abandonment is Possible


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