Resonant Healing Practitioner Code of Ethics

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The RHP Code of Ethics has the following parts:
  1. Understanding and definitions
  2. Values
  3. Relationship with Self
  4. Relationship with Client
  5. Relationship Repair / Conflict Management
Understanding and definitions
  1. “Resonant Healing Practitioner (RHP)”
    This Code refers to RHPs. Practitioner is anyone who uses resonant practices to focus on and support the client.
    Resonant Healing Practitioners may call themselves any number of titles, depending on their previous training: Resonant healing coach, Resonant healing facilitator, Resonant healing nurse, Resonant healing dentist, Resonant healing psychotherapist, or other titles
  2. “Client”
    • The individual or group receiving RHP support work
    • In the case of minors or dependent adult clients, RHPs work with the client’s authorized parent or guardian on any agreement concerning client work.
  3. Clauses pertain to both in-person and distance/online forms of session work.
Values Alignment and Modeling

Among other values embedded in the portions below, RHPs experience alignment with the following core values: 

  • Resonance, connection, compassion, warmth, interdependence 
  • Respect, choice, self-responsibility, and empowerment
  • Intention, awareness, integrity
  • Coherence, and a commitment to the principle that all people make sense


Out of a sense of respect and fairness, RHPs do not discriminate with regard to ethnicity, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, mental or physical ability, political views, nationality, immigration status, or socio-economic background.

Due to the diversity of RHP’s previous training and professional background, RHPs adhere to the ethical codes and agreements relevant to their credentials, professional associations, and other forms of service in the world.

RHPs navigate relationships and situations with awareness of relational and structural power differences among clients, practitioners, colleagues, and RHP students and staff. RHPs commit to acting with regard to impact, communication with awareness and personal responsibility to help co-create a world of shared power.

Relationship with Self
  1. RHPs understand that their relationship with self is foundational to address any blocks the practitioner may have. Blocks may prevent the RHP from being able to practice RH. RHPs have developed and continue to develop their practices of:
    • Self-resonance and warm, integrated curiosity for self
    • Regular supervision (10+ reported hours per 3 years, as often as weekly)
    • Resonance with regular resonance partners, which can stand in for regular supervision work if used on issues with clients and reported
    • Discovering, working with, and releasing Unconscious Contracts and Time Travel
    • Seeing, feeling, and benefiting from their continued personal understanding of self, big picture, and their emotional memory
    • Felt sense of their bodies as “a present resource”
    • Expanding their window of welcome for emotion, and maintain self-reflective processes
  2. RHPs continue engaging in structured learning opportunities, valuing growth, abundance, and integrity. RHP’s value feedback and welcome support.On a yearly basis, RHPs complete the equivalent of a minimum of 18 learning hours (online or in-person), which include practice and teaching. These classes, workshops and/or community calls could be in, but are not limited to, the areas of:
    • Resonant Healing
    • Constellations (maximum 6 hours)
    • Polyvagal Theory
    • Relational Neuroscience

    RHPs are responsible for documenting their hours and fulfilling other obligations to maintain their certification status

Relationship with clients

RHPs experience the deep ecology of life and relationship. RHPs have a sense of their clients as deeply sacred and remain in the Window of Welcome with clients. RHPs create and hold a neuroception of safety with the client.

RHPs understand and practice the following:

  1. Clarity
    RHPs will clearly explain the nature and potential value of session work, including confidentiality, financial arrangements, and any other terms of the RHP-client agreement, at a time separate from the first working session.
  2. Fees
    RHPs will clearly explain their fees, billing arrangements and payment procedures. This information is given at a separate time and/or meeting prior to session work, to keep the relational aspect of the session in full integrity. E.g. can be communicated via email, with agreement received from the client if information is given electronically. RHPs can also inform clients of procedures for nonpayment of fees and session cancellations.
  3. Confidentiality
    Trust and confidentiality are foundational for RHP and client work. RHPs respect and hold safe and dear the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
    • When Confidentiality must be broken
      RHPs will communicate clearly that confidentiality will not be kept in the conditions of imminent or likely risk of danger to self or others. RHPs will clearly communicate and create a plan with their clients in order to create safety for both the client and their communities.
    • Confidentiality of physical records
      RHPs will ensure that client records – including in electronic and paper formats – are maintained confidentially, securely, and in compliance with any applicable local laws and agreements.
  4. Consent during process work
    • RHPs understand that accompaniment starts to happen when their client consents to let them travel with them, emotionally or physically.
    • RHPs endeavor to stay in attunement with their clients, honoring both their client’s “yes”s and their “no”s
    • RHPs practice consent during RHP processes.
  5. Framework for practitioner-client relationship
    RHPs will hold responsibility for being aware of and setting clear, appropriate and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern interactions, physical or otherwise.
    RHPs do not participate in any sexual or romantic engagement with the client (or their family or romantic partners). RHPs are ever mindful of the level of intimacy appropriate for the relationship. RHPs take the appropriate action to address any issue arising or cancel the practitioner-client agreement. RHPs will not engage in sexual or romantic intimacy with the client for 1 year or longer post completion of session work.
  6. Ending practitioner-client services
    RHPs will respect all parties’ right to terminate the practitioner-client relationship at any point for any reason during their work together subject to the provisions of the agreement.
Relationship Repair / Conflict management

RHPs acknowledge when they know they have shifted into instrumental language or advice giving and offer their clients resonant repair, when the client consents.

If clients initiate mediation or supported conflict resolution, RHPs are welcome to engage in the conflict resolution. Clients are not responsible to RHP’s desire for mediation or supported conflict resolution.

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