Neuroscience and Constellations Monthly Series

An 8-month live online series exploring the mystery and awe of family constellations through the lens of neuroscience.

August 2020 – February 2021 Explorations:

The Broken Mother Field, Constellations and the Brain

Every time a client sits down in the chair beside the facilitator, they bring the field of their parents and how they have been held or not held in the past. Since everyone’s prefrontal cortex carries their mothering person in every cell, that’s quite a lot of momentum. The entry of the parents’ fields into the relationship with the facilitator is the start of the constellation. How do we make this relationship explicit so that it does not take over the constellation? What are clues that it has taken over the constellation? How can we do good work with it?

Join Sarah Peyton for a 90-minute exploration of this phenomenon.

  • 90 minutes
  • Purchase includes access to watch and download the recording and review the slides

Finding Other Brains Within Ours

Without consciously realizing it, the constellation facilitator, in working with the client, is working with the client’s brain, and with the other brains that the client’s brain holds within it. The client’s brain holds their mother, of course, and their father, and the significant others that have been in the client’s life. In this session, we will learn the relational neuroscience of holding others in our brains, as well as movements that support self-compassion and the disentangling of our brains.

  • 90 minutes
  • Purchase includes access to watch and download the recording.

Unlocking Trauma in Constellations

The approach of being “Trauma-Informed” invites gentleness, more awareness of clients and an ongoing consciousness of the importance of consent. But what about being “Trauma-Educated,” so that we can recognize and support our clients when they are in the grip of trauma, and can use our constellation approaches to support healing and freedom?

Join Sarah Peyton in a 90-minute exploration of the relational neuroscience of why trauma happens, and how to use our knowledge of neuroscience to invite healing into the field.

  • 90 minutes
  • Purchase includes access to watch and download the recording.

“My involvement Sarah’s 2017 in-depth family constellation program was eye opening, jaw dropping awe inspiring and life changing. Sarah facilitates her programs with such skill, humility, openness, tenderness, safety, and love which enabled me to experience deep learning and healing… Sarah is extremely gifted and intuitive. Her constellation explorations examine and weave together threads of history, trauma and family generations while maintaining a safe environment.”

Gail Donohue

Unconscious Contracts in Constellations: A Primary Tool for Facilitators

Constellations happen along a continuum of directed to emergent. Emergent constellators are always wondering, what are the blocks to movement? What is stopping the healing movements from happening? Why is my client or my client’s rep stuck? The tool of unconscious contract work can support clients in looking at their patterns of stuckness and the deep relational strategies they are enacting in staying loyal in ways that no longer serve them.  Join Sarah Peyton for a brief overview of this tool, and an illustrative constellation using Unconscious Contract work.


  • 90 minutes
  • Purchase includes access to watch and download the recording.

Dopamine, Life Narratives and the Hero’s Journey

We are all traveling a path, and each person’s path through their healing has similar elements, elements in common with the Hero’s Journey. These same elements show up in every constellation and help us understand what levels we can work on and how to use the time we have, and the tendency of the human brain to move toward resolution, to bring about the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Join Sarah Peyton for a brief overview of the role of dopamine and how to recognize and use the story arch of the hero’s journey in our constellation work, plus an illustrative constellation exploring these elements.

Purchase includes the recording as well as any slides from the session.

Contempt and the Frozen Seeking Circuit in Constellations

When a client brings a question connected with healing from contempt, the system is often immobilized in ways that are difficult to bring movement to. In part this is because contempt is an activation of predatory aggression, and part of the Seeking Circuit, and connected more to the left hemisphere, which is not fluid. How do we open to movement in such constellations, and find support for healing and change?

Join Sarah for a brief overview of the neuroscience of contempt and explore an experiential constellation where we employ ritual shapes to support the movement from contempt into self-compassion.

  • Purchase includes access to download the recording and review the slides

“There is no constellation facilitator or teacher in the world I trust more than Sarah, whose attunement to the seeker and deep honoring of the experience of representatives allows everyone access to deep healing without retraumatization. Sarah allows for everyone’s intuition to collectively guide the process, rather than overdetermining the process from a rational perspective. The results are unexpected and profound.”

Angela Watrous, Author, Activist, and founder of

Free Will, the Brain, and Constellations

The question of free will versus fate has been of interest to humans for as long as we’ve been able to track our thought. It is also of interest in our constellation work. What does our constellation work bring our clients? Does it open the door to more choice, or does it take people into a closer relationship with their own fate? The answer is the paradoxical exploration of constellations themselves.

Join Sarah for a brief overview of this topic, followed by an illustrative constellation using these themes.

  • 90 minutes
  • Purchase includes access to download the recording and review the slides.

The Prefrontal Cortex, Amygdala and the Flow of Love

A primary tenet of Family Constellations is the importance of clearing and supporting the Flow of Love – the movement of love from past generations to future generations, and from parent to child. In the brain we also have a flow of love, from prefrontal cortex to amygdala. What can we do to clear the flow of love in the brain, so that it is reflected in the outer systems?

Join Sarah for an overview of the role of the PFC and amygdala, followed by an illustrative constellation using these elements to see how the blocked flow of love can be healed and made flowing through resonant healing and attention.

  • 90 minutes
  • Purchase includes access to download the recording and review the slides
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