First Aid for Trauma

a 13-part Mini-Course 

How to work with intrusive trauma memories that are invading the present without your consent

Do you experience intrusive memories from the past hijacking your present? You’re not alone.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do about intrusive memories, look no further! Healing is possible.

This course is for anyone who would like to learn how to experience more choice in how you experience your own past, to put an end to intrusive trauma memories once and for all.

This self-paced mini-course contains thirteen lessons of video, worksheets and more, where Sarah walks you through how to do first aid for trauma memories that come into your brain without consent.

We will move through all the stages of the healing with resonance journey, so you can learn how to rescue your former self from painful experiences and bring more choice into how you’d like to relate to painful experiences of the past.


During this course, we move through several stages, including:

  • how to know if you are having an intrusive memory
  • how to collect your resonating self witness to accompany you on your journey
  • getting consent from your past self
  • learning to freeze the traumatic memory
  • how to use resonant dialog with your past self, and
  • inviting and initiating a welcome home of your past self into the present.

See below for more details and a sneak-peek inside the content.

What You’ll Learn in this 13-part Mini-course

computer with screenshot of First Aid for Trauma course
  • How to identify a traumatic intrusive memory
  • How to decide who will accompany you in your time-travel rescue
  • Identifying your Resonating Self-Witness (the part of you that loves and understands yourself) and deciding what role this part has in the rescue
  • How (and why) to get consent from your past self who is traumatized
  • How (and why) to step through time and space to arrive back in time with yourself
  • How to introduce your RSW to your past self, and how to speak to them with resonant language
  • How to invite your Past Self to leave the memory and come home with you

Take a Look Inside the Course

Lesson 1: Introduction to Time Traveling with Resonance

  • This lesson introduces us to the full process of time traveling with resonance, and produves the handouts for easy use through the course

Lesson 2: Are You Having an Intrusive Memory?

  • This lesson helps us discern whether we are having an intrusive trauma memory, or whether we have lived through a difficult event. The answer directs us toward our next step in the time travel process.

Lesson 3: Collecting Your Resonating Self Witness

  • This lesson helps us identify and bring along our RSW

Lesson 4: Do I Have Consent?

  • This lesson helps us ascertain whether we have consent of our past self to come and visit, and if not, how to establish more trust in order to negotiate consent

Lesson 5:  Learning to Freeze the Trauma

  • This lesson goes over multiple strategies for providing safety for the past self within the trauma, and how to engage the resonating self witness for added safety.

Lesson 6: Bridging the Past and Present

  • Lesson 6 helps us introduce the resonating self witness to our past self, and establish connection and resonance to prepare for the next movement.

    Lesson 7:  Attuning to the Past Self

    • In this lesson we learn how to determine whether there is shock in the past self, and we practice attuning in order to strengthen the sense of safety for the little one who has experienced the trauma

    Lesson 8: Resonant Dialogue

    • Here we learn how to initiate a resonant language dialogue with the past self, and begin to understand how and why this step is critical for establishing accompaniment

    Lesson 9: Resonance and Relaxation

    • This lesson connects the dots between the language we use and relaxation of the past self. Establishing ways to provide relaxation for the traumatized self is key to continuing to establish safety.

    Lesson 10: The Invitation Home

    • Now we begin to learn how to bring the past self into the present, beginning to move the traumatic memory from the amygdala into the time-stamped hippocampus

    Lesson 11: Accepting the Invitation

    • Here we learn how to navigate the nuanced and embodied discernment process to determine whether the past self is ready to accept the invitation home

    Lesson 12: Welcome Home

    • Finally we welcome the past self into the present with warm embrace. 

    Lesson 13: Completion

    • Here Sarah provides some final notes about the Time travel process.

    Your Investment + What’s Included


    Do you experience intrusive memories from the past hijacking your present? You’re not alone. This 13 past mini-course walks you through the time travel with resonance process as a way of working with intrusive trauma memories. This self-paced video course, including handouts and journal prompts, is for anyone who would like to learn how to experience more choice in how you experience your own past.


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