Lalli dana

Lalli Dana Drobny

KindMind Founder; Resonant Accompanist; Writing Coach, MA (U of IA)

Known for creating and holding spacious, welcoming containers, Lalli Dana invites clients to imagine, experiment, and connect. She founded KindMind – the heart of well-being, a coaching/facilitation platform in 2002 and was delighted to find Sarah’s work in 2019. Lalli enjoys being able to offer Time Travel, Contract Release, and Emergent Constellations as part of her current sessions.

Lalli loves learning with folks of all ages. For 30 years, she has been an educator/teacher for 4-98 year-olds, often in public ed. Whether in schools, government agencies, businesses, or non-profits, Lalli has enjoyed introducing feelings/needs language, creative experimentation, movement, poetry, and meditation as tools for community building and self-discovery. Lalli continues to teach Writing and Mindfulness at Santa Barbara City College and as a CA Poet-in-the-Schools.

Lalli Dana’s current focus is accompanying individuals. She brings to her Resonant Healing practice 38 years of meditation (12 learning/serving in ashrams/retreat sites), 20 years of NVC practice, and a passion to nurture and encourage healthy neuroplasticity. For 40 years, she’s explored the mind/body/spirit interface: Polarity with Nancy Risley, Reiki with Jean Ferris, Psycho-Physical Therapy (and Couples Work) with Bill Bowen, Ayurveda with Susan Turner, Iyengar Yoga with Sarah Tuttle.

Lalli works mostly online. She teaches quarterly Writing Our Lives into Being workshops and leads 2-3 writing circles each year.

If you’d enjoy a 10-minute complimentary consultation to see if working with Lalli might be a good fit for you, please reach out via email or the website; let her know you found her on Sarah’s site.

I did three sessions via Zoom with Dana. I can say without qualification these were the most productive ‘therapy’ I’ve had. Much longer more traditional therapy sessions achieved less benefit. I credit this both to the method of memory recovery Dana employs and to Dana’s calming, warm, inviting, non-judgmental engagement with me as a client, which by disarming defenses enabled me to retrieve and unpack moments of consciousness to a degree I had not previously experienced. ~Dr. Stephen Vlastos, Emeritus Professor of History


Santa Barbara, CA USA (Chumash Land)

Studied with Sarah Since



First session: 80 minutes ($150). Hourly sessions $125. Spring 2022 package: one 80-minute session & two 60-minute sessions (w/in 8 weeks) for $345. Venmo, check, and bank transfers accepted

Works with:

anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, neglect, PTSD, relationships/couples, self-esteem/finding life's purpose
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