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You will get the most out of this online retreat if you and we do the following:

  • Resist trying to multitask! It’s not neurobiologically possible. We lose you and you lose the material for some minutes every time you shift your attention.
  • Keep your zoom camera on if possible, given your computer bandwidth, and let yourself look at the faces on the other screens – this will keep you in social engagement.
  • Close other computer windows, place “do not disturb” on email, texts, and news
  • Unless you are using your cell phone to connect with us, put cell phones in another room (preserve your brain territory for this program). If you’re connecting on your cell phone, be in another room from your computer so it doesn’t call you with the siren call of “I am a part of your brain. You can listen to Sarah while you answer email.” (again, not neurobiologically possible.)
  • Punctuality (for the start of sessions, meditations, etc.) (also bringing new neural growth from the learning) (facilitating full participation)
  • Anyone can call a pause during teaching times, but not during constellations – this gives the group a neuroception of safety
  • Confidentiality internal and external to the group:
    • Internal confidentiality means that we don’t reference the personal work or sharing that people have done without getting consent from them first.
    • External confidentiality means don’t disclose any identifying information about group members outside the group – only speak about your own experience.
    • This includes recordings- recordings are for personal review only by members of this online retreat
    • (All of these create a neuroception of safety.)
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